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February 05, 2014 13:59 ET

Global Soft Drink Market Grows 2.1% Despite Rising Health Concerns

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS--(Marketwired - Feb. 5, 2014) - Market Research Company Euromonitor International released today new data on the global soft drinks industry.

Global soft drinks volumes expanded over four percent in 2013 and value sales grew by more than five percent with a retail market size of over US $531.3 billion dollars. While the US remains the world's largest market in both value and volume, markets such as China, Brazil and Mexico are also growing rapidly.

These emerging markets are experiencing growing incomes and increased consumer confidence, producing strong demand for local products. The 2013 retail soft drink market size in China totaled US $66.5 billion with 15.2% percent fixed growth. Brazil and Mexico's totals were US $22.5 billion and US $28.3 billion with 8.0% percent fixed and 8.2% percent growth, respectively.

Although the US is the largest global soft drinks market, cola carbonates have declined -3.1% percent from the previous year with US $18.4 billion dollars in sales. Along with ever-present concerns about obesity, US consumers continue to seek greater variety, choosing from a wider array of categories than ever before.

Rising health concerns have also forced manufacturers to reformulate their products to produce the right combination of sugar, flavour and differentiation from competitors. These issues will continue and major soft drink players must adapt and market their products accordingly.

"Within the soft drinks category, manufacturers will look to provide mixes of energy, hydration and flavour, blurring the lines between categories to meet the needs of the increasingly sophisticated consumer," said Euromonitor International's Head of Beverages, Michael Schaefer. "Every consumer wants refreshment and more are willing to pay for it than ever before, yet what they buy and where they buy it and from whom is as much an open question as it ever has been."

Global growth remains as broad-based as ever, with retail sales expanding in every major category from 2012 to 2013. Among others, bottled water grew 8.3%, energy drinks 10%, and RTD tea 10% from 2012 to 2013, respectively.

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