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November 02, 2005 12:02 ET

Global South "Encounter" Sets the Course for Global Anglicanism

Archbishop of Canterbury "Welcomes" the Anglican Networks in Canada and the U.S. as "full members of the Anglican Communion" Attention: Lifestyle Editor, Media Editor, News Editor, World News Editor VANCOUVER/BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 2, 2005) - Representatives of approximately 2/3 of the 77 million member Anglican Communion met at the 3rd Global South to South "Encounter" by the Red Sea in Egypt, October 24-30, 2005, to examine what it means to be the "One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church - Being a Faithful Church For Such a Time as This".

In the midst of much confusion in Western nations about what Anglicanism represents, the Encounter issued an eight page Communiqué in which Global South leaders committed to upholding "the supreme authority of the Word of God and the doctrinal formularies that have undergirded the Anglican Communion for over four and a half centuries". They also endorsed Sections A and B of the Windsor Report which set out an in depth analysis of the purposes, benefits and fundamental principles of the Anglican Communion.

The Anglican Network in Canada sent invited observers to the meeting and was very encouraged when the Global South also committed to providing their "recognition, energy, prayers and experience to the Networks in the USA and Canada", and welcomed the formation of the Council of Anglican Provinces of the Americas and Caribbean (CAPAC) of which the Network is a founding member. Bishop Donald Harvey, Moderator of the Network, is a member of the Episcopal Steering Committee of CAPAC. There was further recognition granted to the Networks by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, during a question and answer session on Friday when he said "There is no doubt in my mind that these networks are full members of the Anglican Communion . . . I do want to say quite simply yes of course; these are part of our Anglican fellowship and I welcome that."

The endorsement of the Anglican Network in Canada by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Global South is in direct contrast to the attitude toward the Network in many parts of Canada. In particular, the Diocese of New Westminster recently passed a motion expressing "its opposition to the establishment and operation of the Essentials Network" and threatened to take "necessary action" against any clergy or parish in the diocese that affiliates with the Network. Also, Bishop Cowan of the Diocese of British Columbia (Vancouver Island) and Bishop Njegovan of the Diocese of Brandon, Manitoba, have made it clear to their clergy that affiliation with the Network will be grounds for disciplinary action.

In fact, Bishop Njegovan has also banned from distribution in the diocese, The Anglican Planet (TAP), a recently launched independent newspaper which publishes articles about what is happening in the global Anglican Communion. The paper presents the orthodox point of view as many conservatives in the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) feel the ACC's Anglican Journal has consistently presented only the liberal point of view on issues. Bishop Njegovan went so far as to say that TAP was "misrepresenting the teachings of the church" without any evidence to support such an allegation. While the founders of TAP knew there was a demand in Canada for such a paper, they have been overwhelmed by subscriptions. Expecting 500-800, they received over 5,000.

The Network hopes that the support of the Global South (representing 2/3 of the Anglican Communion, and the Archbishop of Canterbury will encourage Canadian Anglicans to examine both sides of the issues more closely and realize that the Network is not the group causing schism in the Anglican Communion but rather is seeking to promote authentic Anglicanism in full communion with the Anglican Communion worldwide.
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