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November 06, 2009 19:01 ET

Global Visas World Leading Authority Calls for UK Immigration Amnesty

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 6, 2009) - Global Visas, one of the world's leading immigration companies, today announced the need for an Immigration Amnesty, declaring the current state of UK immigration as "chaotic".

Director of Global Visas, Liam Clifford, says,

"The UK needs an amnesty, the British Public is calling for an amnesty and over 400,000 people deserve an amnesty.

"Back in 2007 the UK Board of Immigration Appeals were set to declare an amnesty. Today they have yet to make the announcement and since then the situation has only become worse. The BNP are now an elected party and even UK BIA admit the new Tier 12345 System is not working as budgets are being slashed.

"The UK BIA are not replacing staff as they leave, the current Tier 12345 System is in chaos and the UK population are sick and tired of politicians avoiding the inevitable.

"UK immigration is not like the NHS or the education system. It is an obvious choice for cuts and even today the Government are attempting to amalgamate shift patterns of Immigration and Customs Officers on entry in preparation of possibly combining their role. Why employ two people when you could employ one? The UK BIA does not have much hope for their future. So what next?"

Global Visas continues to provide immigration and UK visa advice for both private individuals and corporate clients. As the UK's immigration crisis deepens, Mr. Clifford warns of those forgotten:

"The UK BIA must address the 400,000 people currently in the UK who have been forgotten. They need to have the opportunity to make the UK their home, contribute to our GDP, pay taxes and be counted. Every day Global Visas receives requests for help from people in the UK who simply want to be counted. They are hard working, law abiding people often with children in schools and already using the NHS. By acknowledging these people at least will allow them to begin their lives and start to pay into society."

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