November 02, 2011 15:19 ET

Global Wind Turbine Market on Road to Recovery With 5.1% Growth in 2011, SBI Energy

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 2, 2011) - The wind turbine market fell 15.9% in 2010 to $42.3 billion, while new global installations stayed flat at -0.3% for 38,079 megawatts (MW). In sharp contrast, the global wind turbine market nearly tripled in value between 2006 and 2009, climbing to $50.3 billion, according to a new study from SBI Energy. New wind turbine installations grew at a slightly slower pace, rising from 15.1 GW installed to 38.2 GW in just four years.

"The disparity between market value and new installations is due to China," SBI Energy analyst Norman Deschamps says, "which accounted for half of all new installs, but at prices close to 40% lower than the rest of the world. The recession in 2009 cut into new orders, slowed production and depressed pricing."

Unlike last year, wind turbine market growth in 2011 is largely due to a strong showing in U.S. and Indian wind turbine markets. Meanwhile, relatively slight growth will take place in China and Germany while a previously core market in Spain will continue its decline. Despite gains in 2011, profits are anticipated to decline for many manufacturers, particularly in China, as low turbine prices continue to eat away at margins. After the substantial drop in 2010, the wind turbine market is going to recover in 2011, climbing 5.1% to reach $44.5 billion.

SBI Energy's report forecasts China and the U.S. will continue to be the top markets for wind turbine sales through 2020. From just over half the market in 2010, the two countries will still be responsible for 45.4% of the wind turbine market in 2020. During the decade to come the U.S. will expand its overall share of the market while China's will drop significantly, which is not surprising considering how unbelievable China's growth was in 2010.

SBI Energy's new report, The Global Wind Turbine Market, 2nd Edition, provides expert insight into both the current and future market for wind turbine systems sold and installed worldwide, focusing on key countries in the production, import, export and installation of wind turbines. The analysis includes definitions, current product offerings and market detail on overall sales of utility-scale wind turbine systems, and an in-depth look at the global imports and exports of wind turbines, identifying key countries for both trade types and looking at long term export trends.

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