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January 05, 2011 09:00 ET

GlobalFit Launches "Just Walk Pledge" to Encourage Healthier Living in 2011

As New Year's Resolutions Abound, GlobalFit Promotes Realistic, Achievable Health Goals

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - January 5, 2011) - GlobalFit, the nation's leading provider of healthy living programs, today announced the launch of its "Just Walk Pledge." This year-long initiative seeks to address the American obesity problem by reversing the sedentary lifestyle to which many Americans have become accustomed. Through its "Just Walk Pledge," GlobalFit is emphasizing the importance of making realistic fitness goals rooted in practical action for 2011. Walking is often considered an important and simple first step toward increasing daily activity. More, walking is widely acknowledged within the fitness community as having the lowest desertion rate of any form of exercise due to its convenience, low-cost and ability to be incorporated into daily life. 

"The 'Just Walk Pledge' helps people to make an ongoing commitment to exercise, which is really important to the health of our communities; to walking with their family, friends and co-workers so that everyone has a greater likelihood of sticking with it; and to themselves, as they make a habit of becoming more active," said Frank Napolitano, Chief Executive Officer of GlobalFit. "Although it may seem counterintuitive for me -- the CEO of the largest gym network in North America -- to be championing 'Just Walk,' it is the right thing to do.  We would like everyone to join a gym because it is a great way to get -- and stay -- fit.  But our nation's health is at risk and must be improved. It is our responsibility as a provider of health and wellness programs to help people to be realistic -- not disappointed -- in their efforts to become healthier.  That's why we believe the 'Just Walk Pledge' is so important."

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With nearly 70 million eligible employees and insured persons in the United States and Canada, GlobalFit is the leading provider of programs for healthy living. Since 1992 GlobalFit has been known for its network of 10,000+ gyms but today, its signature offering is Destination: You, a corporate program, combining step-based activity tracking with education, motivation and incentives to help employees build healthier lifestyles. Beyond these programs, GlobalFit also provides convenient, affordable options, notably its Virtual Nutrition Coach and "Healthy Changes," which is a menu of customizable, one-on-one health programs.

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