October 20, 2015 00:28 ET Happy to Deliver Joyous and Impressive Surprises

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - October 20, 2015) - Dedicated to bringing endless joy to their customers, while ensuring top value and premium quality, is proud to offer a service helping people create a truly impressive and personal floral gift experiences. The online fresh flower company's unique modus operandi allows buyers to tap into their emotions to produce a very different kind of floral gift -- that of sheer happiness, surprise, and enjoyment.

According to the Society of American Florists (SAF), flowers are an easy and effective way for men to show their romantic side. A recent survey conducted by SAF showed that 41% of women want to receive flowers unexpectedly. Moreover, 74% revealed that they would enjoy receiving flowers for no special reason at all. Romance aside, flowers are equally important as gifts and can be sent as a fragrant apology or condolence: The SAF 2000 study 'Americans and Gift Giving' revealed that 60% of Americans buy flowers and houseplants as gifts. The fresh roses and other flowers delivered by promise great sentimental value to both senders and recipients no matter the occasion.

Committed to improving well-being and relationships across the USA and Canada, is aware of the tremendous impact flowers have on people. Researchers of 'The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study' found that flowers effect happiness, drawing smiles on recipients' faces, and engulfing them in delight and gratitude. Flowers were also found to have a long-term effect on mood, and develop intimate connections, especially between family members and friends. GlobalRose is proud to provide consumers with the chance not only to share this power of flowers, but also to do it in a grand way! Because of the excellent value offered by, buyers are able to order a larger quantity of flowers, in the ranks of 3 to 5 times more, for the cost of a single bouquet purchased through other vendors. Thus, providing for an opportunity to create an unforgettable and surprising way of presenting the floral gift, as well as evoke a stronger emotional response from the receiver. "Why not make that special someone's birthday last for more than just one day?" says spokesperson. "We're glad to be able to inspire and offer our customers the opportunity to surprise their loved ones with a dozen roses on the day before, on the day of, and on the day after their birthday, or any other occasion for that matter."

GlobalRose does not compromise on the quality of its fresh cut flowers. Instead, it reduces costs by delivering bouquets directly from farms in eco-friendly packaging materials that do not burden Mother Nature. "Yes, our packaging and presentation are simple by design; our flowers are not," says a spokesman for the online flower company. "Our wish is to present you with the most gorgeous flowers possible in the most affordable, reliable, and attractive manner. The beauty is inside the box!"

One of the pioneering online florists in the U.S., has delivered 40 million flowers over the span of 17 years. In addition to birthday and anniversary flowers, the company's nationwide farms have delivered 90 rose varieties and almost every type of flower available to over 45,000 special events and 20,000 brides. What makes GlobalRose different is the uncompromised freshness and quality of each bouquet and their dedication to delivering happiness in larger quantities. So why wait until her birthday or Valentine's Day comes around? Just go online and get her a blooming surprise today. Enjoy!

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