February 22, 2011 08:41 ET Doctor's Expanding Line of Specialty Nutritional Supplements Targets Common Symptoms for Those on a Gluten-Free Diet

MILFORD, NH--(Marketwire - February 22, 2011) - Dr. Christine Doherty introduces three new gluten-free supplements to the C-Liac Vitality Pack product line. The expanded line now includes the C-Liac Vitality Multivitamin, C-Liac Vitality SAM-E and Digestive Vitality Enzyme and are available at Dr. Doherty's website

The C-liac Vitality supplement line has been eight years in development and is targeted to the millions of sufferers of Celiac Disease, wheat allergies and gluten intolerance. In 2004, when attending the NIH Consensus Conference on Celiac Disease, Dr. Doherty was shocked by the statistic that 50% of celiacs still had multiple nutritional deficiencies 10 years after going gluten free. This drove Dr. Doherty to develop a line of convenience supplement packs based on her clinical experience with hundreds of gluten-free patients.

The C-liac Vitality packs include once and twice daily formulas and are targeted to improving mood, sleep and energy, common problems that persist after people go gluten free.

"These three new products address symptoms affecting the gluten-free population, such as continuing digestive symptoms, depression and joint pain.  Sam-e is one of nature's strongest mood elevators and is an effective joint pain treatment. The broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula can help improve digestive comfort and resolve issues like gas and bloating, and the new multivitamin offers a comprehensive daily formula to reverse nutritional deficiencies," Dr. Doherty explains.

The three new vitamins are manufactured from high quality raw materials under the highest standards in the United States. They are stringently tested for purity, potency and contamination prior to production ensuring that each vitamin will provide the maximum possible benefit. Additionally, they have independently been verified gluten free by the University of Nebraska Food and Allergy Lab (

"Providing safe, effective, convenient supplements for the growing gluten-free population is my ongoing commitment," Dr. Doherty explains. "The supplements allow me to help more people than I can through clinical work alone. I am always looking for ways to improve quality of life by addressing some of the most common chronic issues that don't always respond to the gluten-free diet alone."

About Dr. Christine Doherty:
Christine Doherty has been in private practice at Balance Point Natural Medicine for over a decade. She specializes in gluten related conditions and is an expert on the functional medicine approach to Celiac Disease. She co-authored the chapter on nutritional supplements in the book "Real Life With Celiac Disease," recently published by the American Gastroenterological Association. Her work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune and USA Today. Dr. Doherty has celiac herself and credits the gluten-free diet with saving her life in 2003. For more information on Dr. Doherty, please visit

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