October 05, 2010 08:00 ET

Gnoesis: New Social Media-Friend Finder-Collaboration Tool, for the Canadian Forces

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2010) - More fun and direct than conventional social media, Centurio(TM), a new website, lets members of the Canadian Forces, their friends and supporters, find military friends, collaborate, learn, express their voice and concerns. It was about time that a Canadian company implements such a service, as mostly US companies did in the past.

  • Firstly, Centurio includes an advanced search engine that lets Members find friends, based on similar interests, activities, age, gender, etc. Members can see other members' profiles and pictures and contact them via instant messages, private, spam-free emails, or webcam.
  • They can participate in forums and chats, discuss sophisticated military cases and express their opinions in the monthly Bulletin. They also have access to latest news, games and learning tools. The Centurio team is also eager to visit Canadian Forces bases upon invitation, and write their experiences in the Bulletin.
  • The RCMP, the Police, Rangers, and civilians, male or female, are welcome to join.

Anyone can join for free; VIP services (email, instant messages, webcam, Kriegspiel and bulletin) are available through subscription, under $20/year).

First 500 Members are eligible for a sweepstake and can win an iPhone(R), several iPod touch(R), or other valuable prizes.

Gnoesis is a software company with offices in Montreal, Qc., developing multilingual solutions, and a global data representation of business objects and processes.

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