May 15, 2007 11:00 ET

Go Cat Go!! It's Rockabilly Latino Style on "American Latino TV" This Weekend!

Plus, the Burlesque Beauties of Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce on "LatiNation"

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- AIM Tell-A-Vision Group's nationally syndicated show, "American Latino TV" ("ALTV"), celebrates another first in pioneering television programming with a look at the Latinos in Rockabilly scene in the U.S.

"ALTV" takes viewers back to a simpler time when Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and good ole rock-n-roll filled the airways, young men rolled up their jeans, sported pompadours and drove around in souped up hot rods with their gal. Fifty years later, things have changed dramatically and the term "greaser" is considered more a badge of honor than insult as more and more young Latinos are fueling the resurgence of this lifestyle that celebrates America's musical and cultural heritage.

"ALTV's" coverage includes interviews and live performances from the recent Viva Las Vegas Convention, the largest Rockabilly convention in the world, and exclusive chats with recording artist Omar Romero of Omar and the Stringpoppers, a look at rockabilly fashion, hot rods, tattoos and more.

"American Latino's" companion show, "LatiNation" joins the retro theme by visiting modern day burlesque club, Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce. Burlesque, popular in the 1950s and 1960s is also seeing resurgence with help from some sexy Latina dancers.

Other segments on the weekly, award-winning culture and lifestyle shows include:


The Vegan Vixens, a group of sexy gals from California, will do almost anything to convince people to embrace a vegan lifestyle; Hot Tamales comedian Kiki Meléndez brings together a collection of talented Latino comedians for a hilarious comedy show that helped give stars like Eva Longoria their break; Puerto Rican actress Miriam Colón is best known for her role as Tony Montana's mother in "Scarface," but her contributions go far beyond one film; Phoenix Carnavale, a karate expert, boxer, and aerobics instructor, instructs others on self-empowerment and healthy living.


"LatiNation" shines the spotlight on the creator and star of the off-Broadway smash, "In The Heights," Lin Manuel Miranda; Social networking on the web is all the rage, provides online networking with a Latino twist; Music lovers display their love for music on their sleeves, literally, with the cool designs of Listen Clothing; groove to the tribal sound of Mezklah.

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