GO Lighting Technologies Inc.

GO Lighting Technologies Inc.

December 14, 2010 10:32 ET

GO Lighting Releases State-Of-The-Art LED Troffer Lighting for Illuminating Your Space-One Light, Maximum Coverage

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 14, 2010) - GO Lighting Technologies today officially released its GO LED Troffer, an unprecedented energy effective LED lighting solution that is set to become the new standard in beautifully designed and efficient lighting for commercial, industrial and institutional settings.

The difference between GO's LED Troffer and the fluorescent types it replaces is immediately apparent. It produces exceptional light quality in wide, even distribution. The basic 24" square model generates 4000lm at unparalleled efficiency - 65 lumens per watt. With +85% consistent luminance, no light or dark areas exist at task level or on the fixture -- not to mention it is easy on your eyes.

"The LED Troffer lighting has been in high demand since before it was released," says Ron Content, president of GO Lighting. "It delivers exceptional light quality in the most energy efficient packaging, while offering beautiful design, simple installation and lower ongoing maintenance."

Architects and Interior Designers Love the Troffer

In addition to light quality, the LED Troffer lighting offers other advantages for commercial environments. Its contemporary design makes it attractive for architects and designers as an alternative to fluorescent lighting. Contractors appreciate the easy installation and sturdy construction. The GO LED Troffer is sealed against dust or insects and its long life makes it ideal for environments where maintenance is challenging or light fixtures are difficult to access. This reduces labour and material costs related to changing ballasts, replacing tubes and dusting louvers or reflectors. But mostly the GO LED Troffer improves the quality of light and is frequently mistaken for a skylight.

Energy Cost Savings Makes the Property Manager's Job Easier

Property managers will also appreciate how much the LED Troffer can save in energy costs. With an L70 rating of 50,000 hours or more than 11 years of operation 12 hours per day, it eliminates the need for up to five lamping cycles typical with fluorescent-style lighting, ensuring ROI in four years or even less. GO LED Troffer lighting also reduces ongoing electrical costs by at least 20 percent compared to legacy fluorescent lighting and generates substantially less heat, thereby reducing HVAC costs as well.

"GO LED Troffer lighting is poised to become the new standard for environments where high quality lighting is essential, such as hospitals, schools and offices," says Ron Content. "For high production manufacturing environments, transit systems and other environments where maintenance can be disruptive to operational performance, LED Troffer lighting will also become essential."

GO LED Troffer lighting is designed and manufactured in Canada. The lighting is currently available in 2-foot square and 24" circular sizes with more models to be released in 2011. The product comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects, which is 40 percent longer than the Energy Star requirement, demonstrating GO Lighting's quality commitment.

About GO Lighting Technologies Inc.

GO Lighting Technologies Inc. is a market leader in LED general lighting based in Toronto, Canada. As an Energy Star partner, the company supplies energy effective lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. The products include award-winning GO FLLTM flat panel lighting, LED Troffer, and LED Downlights. For photos and complete product specifications, visit the media room at www.goenergyeffective.com.

About LED Lighting – History and Future Evolution

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are tiny devices made from semiconductor materials that convert electrical energy into visible and near-UV wavelengths. Over the last decade, they have slowly begun to replace legacy fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs. The reason for their growing popularity lies in their low power consumption, minimal heat output, and long lifespan, which is increasingly making them a 'green' choice. The latest generation of solid state LED lighting offers warm colours and exceptional light quality, making it increasingly adopted in commercial and institutional installations.

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