April 13, 2015 21:57 ET

Goaly Launches First 'All Video' Life Coaching Platform With Access to Leading Experts in Self-Help and Personal Development

New Resource Transforms and Empowers Everyone to Reach Their Potential... Minus the Cost

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK--(Marketwired - Apr 13, 2015) - The millions of people who are searching for direction and guidance in their lives but may not know where to turn, and who don't have hours or thousands of dollars for professional coaching now have an option with the launch of

Goaly represents the first, 'all video' life coaching platform with access to the world's leading experts in self-help and personal development. With Goaly, all you need is about 2 minutes to benefit from step-by-step strategies from coaches who focus on relationships, career, intimacy, parenting and many other areas of life.

And Goaly's coaches can relate. Many who were selected to join Goaly have achieved success after experiencing their own life challenges, a scenario that Goaly Founder and President David Vox knows well. As a child in Norway, he suffered abuse at the hands of a foster family. He survived, and later went on to business school where he started working on a video-based, life coaching site. His idea was based on the support of professional coaches he met along the way, many of whom have appeared on BBC and CNN, been published in Forbes and The New York Times, and are best-selling authors.

"The real transformation and success in my own life was only possible after working with the coaches we've chosen for," Vox said. "The Goaly team shares their abilities through this platform so others can get direction on how to change their life."

Unlike other life coaching sites, Goaly coaches record advice and techniques in small sessions lasting about 2 minutes. Users find the strategy that interests them, sign up and go through the session step-by-step at their own pace -- no cost, no registration fee. They can repeat steps or come back anytime to refresh their knowledge and intention. The steps consist of coaching techniques, motivation, advice, homework, reflections, guided meditations, and hypnotherapy. Goaly users will benefit from coaches who typically charge up to $1,000 per session.

According to Vox, Goaly stands apart because, "We have our coaches advise on what you can do to make change(s) and also provide the steps on how to get there. Coaching is not only about listening, it requires you to be active. So our coaches often ask powerful questions and encourage users to reflect and do homework."

Studies suggest that less is more when it comes to retaining information via video. According to Statistic Brain, the average attention span of an internet video viewer is 2 minutes, 42 seconds. And nearly 70% of viewers will watch a 2-minute video to completion, according to Wistia. All Goaly coaching videos average about 2 minutes.

A short coaching session with fewer choices for action and change is more beneficial for the viewer while too many reduce the session's benefits (Business Insider).

"Goaly has many of the traits we need in the world today," says Kathy Caprino, a coach, leadership trainer, career coach, and regular contributor to and The Huffington Post. "It's global, addresses many diverse needs and desires, breaks down important strategies so anyone can achieve them, and is accessible to all."

Goaly's users can share their successes on the site and be entered in contests to win coaching 'packages' with Goaly coaches, free training to become a life coach, and other self-development perks.

"I'm thrilled to see what Goaly has become," says Elizabeth Rankich, CEO and Co-Founder. "I believe Goaly will become the world's top resource for inspiration and motivation from professional coaches who help people reach their full potential."

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