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July 03, 2012 09:00 ET

God's Hand Is Ranching the Galaxy on the 4th 

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - July 03, 2012) -  In this contemporary fantasy novel for adults, a Wyoming cowboy gets a chance to lasso lost American souls being stampeded by a sinister celebrity toward Gnab Gib. William Raymond Demutt -- a cattle rancher and former FBI special agent is drawn into a cosmic adventure of harvesting souls with a changeling alien, Lt. Aquinas Luxen. They move between earthly and celestial planes to stymie Ploof Daddy, "Greatest Rapper in the Universe" -- from luring our youth into the Black Hole Gang and eternal damnation.

The galactic roundup of souls starts on Earth but reaches beyond our solar system. Characters are challenged by traumatic-yet-simple choices between good and evil. "Billy" is up against the Black Hole Gang's infamous leader and denizen from a parallel interstellar dimension, Nomas Albedo. The adventure thriller is alternatively bleak and uplifting.

When Lt. Luxen shimmies through a Higgs boson particle induced warp onto a summer grazing meadow on Billy's Wyoming ranch, they are immediately bonded for the survival of our galaxy. Beset by pratfalls and memories from the tragic loss of his family, Billy's salvation comes with the counter-intuitive, mind-bending insights of 21st century quantum mechanics in a leaky universe. Secrets about the multiverse's eleven dimensional laws aid Billy in attacking Nomas Albedo and stopping his siege of Americans' souls.

In the whirlwind of action, Billy forms a crucial connection with Evie Freeley, a vivacious, Black dancer infatuated with rap music's culture. Evie develops into a passionate evangelist fufilling the task of exorcising Nomas Albedo from the soul of Ploof Daddy, the possessed Pied Piper. A love triangle emerges between Evie, Billy and Ploof Daddy oscillating between love and hate. It takes twists and turns overcoming gang rape, media hoopla falsely labeling Evie as a porn artist and the strange interventions of Lt. Luxen from Zone Eleven. The outcome reflects a poignant affirmation of the power of forgiveness and The Ten Commandments. 

Progressive, media celebrity mentality and homespun common sense from America's rural heritage clash throughout the book with violent results. Billy's work as an FBI special agent for telepathic crimes moves him into the inter-dimensional war waged by Nomas Albedo. The ultimate lesson for Billy will require surrender to a greater good in the realm of our ineffable creator, God.

This story will incite you to laugh at our human foibles, shudder at the creeping decadence and violence of modern society, and find humility in our transitory earth-bound mission.

Available on Amazon by author Ken Pulvino

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