Miele (Canada) Limited

Miele (Canada) Limited

May 17, 2011 16:25 ET

Goemans Launches Miele Gallery by Goemans Showroom

Goemans-owned, Miele-inspired

KITCHENER, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 17, 2011) - Miele Gallery by Goemans is the seventh location for Goemans Appliances, but their first exclusively dedicated to one brand. Located in Kitchener in the historic Tannery building, the gallery offers the ultimate in premium appliances showcased in an exquisite 4,000 sq.ft. gallery. The Miele Gallery by Goemans takes the typical retail model and turns it upside down by focusing on the consumer experience. The Gallery serves as a one-stop shop for both consumers and designers to view a beautiful selection of Miele appliances.

The incorporation of a top-quality live kitchen was central to the design of Miele Gallery by Goemans to welcome consumers and designers to experience the products first hand through cooking programs and educational seminars.

"Miele has been part of the Goemans portfolio of premium brands since Miele was first brought into Canada," said Tony Goemans, owner, Goemans Appliances. "We recognize there are a growing number of consumers that value the investment in premium appliances and our new spectacular Gallery won't disappoint."

"With Kitchener being such an important market for Miele, we are delighted to continue our investment within a market of consumers that truly appreciate the quality and the investment in a premium brand," noted Jan Heck, President, Miele (Canada) Limited. "The new Miele Gallery by Goemans will provide customers with a beautiful surrounding and staff that have extensive product knowledge to ensure a consistent brand experience."

As a long time Miele retail partner, Goemans Appliances is also a great supporter of the new Miele Chartered Agent system. The MCA business model allows their sales team to direct all their energies and resources on what they do best – educating customers on the benefits and features of Miele appliances.

The showroom will delight the senses with new, innovative product including:

  • MasterCool Refrigeration... with unique LED touch-system control panel that regulates the temperature and humidity levels for each independent cooling zone, creating individual storage conditions to preserve the freshness of different foods.

  • Steam Ovens... perfect for those that enjoy eating healthy, where steam is delivered only once it's reached optimal temperature for superior control of the cooking process.

  • Induction Cooktops... provide unparalleled regulation of heat. An induction cooktop generates heat by creating a magnetic reaction with an iron-based pot, which then becomes the heat source. An ice cube placed next to an active cooking zone will not melt.

  • Laundry Systems... are brilliantly designed to help every item in your wardrobe last longer, including delicate fabrics like woolens, silks, and cashmeres. Professional Fabric Care in your own home.

About Goemans Appliances

Since Tony Goemans opened the doors of his first store in 1978, Goemans Appliances has been a family affair. As Tony's family has grown, so has his business: joined by his three sons Jason, Brad, and Jeff and now with seven locations in Stoney Creek, St. Catharines, Mississauga, Kitchener, London, Burlington Clearance Centre, and the KW Miele Gallery, Goemans has become one of Canada's largest independent appliance retailers.

Goemans' mission is to build loyal relationships with customers and employees in the community and to provide superior value and service throughout the purchasing experience.

As is the case of any competitive retail business, our continued success can only be maintained by meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. That has been our focus and strategy for the past thirty years and we don't intend to stop now! Each and every employee adds value to the Goemans team; we are passionate and committed to being leaders in our industry.

Customers wishing to learn more about Goemans Appliances can call 1-877-GOEMANS or visit www.goemans.com.

- Tony Goemans, Owner

About Miele

Long considered a household name in Europe and worldwide, Miele has exploded onto the scene in Canada with its sleek design, superior engineering and unparalleled service. Founded in 1899 in a promise of "Immer Besser," a German phrase meaning "forever better," Miele has distinguished itself in the appliance market by continuing to offer a record number of major innovations as well as a deep belief in nurturing their network of Miele Chartered Agents and dealers. As the world's largest family-owned and operated appliance company since 1899, Miele is immovably committed to the highest quality, performance and environmental standards. Consumers wishing to learn more about Miele can call 1-800-565-6435 or visit www.miele.ca.

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