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December 15, 2010 10:45 ET Discusses Individual Health Insurance Versus Group Health Insurance

There Are Many Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance -- Good and Bad -- and Works to Decipher These for Consumers

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - December 15, 2010) -, an affordable health insurance exchange for groups and individuals, compares and contrasts the features of individual and group health insurance.

Group Health Insurance

Advantages: Group health insurance plans are great because employers typically pick up a portion of premium costs. Consumers also don't have to research and pick new plans, networks or rates. Employees are also guaranteed coverage through the employer and can add dependents to the policy.

Disadvantages: The downside of group health plans are their one-size-fits-all adaptation. Employers offer few or no options for employees to choose, which denies employees coverage customizations. Some employers do not offer additional benefits such as medical savings accounts which are designed to help people save extra money for health care services. Group plans also depends on active employment, so those who change jobs or leave their employer will lose coverage.

Individual Health Insurance

Advantages: Consumers can easily compare health insurance plans online and find a plan that fits their health care needs and budget. Individuals can add dependents and find coverage for the whole family. If premiums start getting high for a plan, consumers can easily compare new plans with lower premiums.

Individual health insurance plans are completely portable so individuals don't have to worry about keeping or switching jobs because of their health care benefits. These plans are also customizable so individuals can choose what benefits they want or don't want in a plan. 

Disadvantages: Individuals that have pre-existing conditions are typically denied coverage on the individual market. Some states already have protections for consumers but in 2014 everyone will be guaranteed coverage.

With individual plans, there aren't typically employers contributing to the cost of the plan.

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