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July 02, 2008 15:14 ET

Going Green With Diskeeper

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - July 2, 2008) - Diskeeper Corporation released today a new study which reveals the power savings for corporations deploying Diskeeper® across their network. For many years, the mantra of the computer industry -- and computer users -- was "more power!" Faster chips, faster hard drives, and as much memory as could possibly fit were the priorities. Only secondary attention -- if that -- was paid to the amount of energy consumed or a company's carbon footprint. Now with global climate change making itself very firmly felt, energy conservation has now become vital.

Automatic defragmentation means that overall computer performance is always faster and more efficient; therefore less power and fewer resources are used. Multiplying the effect all across a company and that company's carbon footprint is substantially reduced.

The study shows that corporations can save in excess of five thousand dollars annually in energy savings through automatic defragmentation with Diskeeper. Diskeeper's proprietary InvisiTasking™ technology allows defragmentation to occur whenever idle resources are available -- never negatively impacting performance due to defragmentation -- which maximizes performance and reliability consistently. No scheduling is ever required.

For the realization of green computing benefits, automatic defragmentation offered by Diskeeper is a must. For the complete white paper visit: and for more information on Diskeeper:

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