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GOJO Industries

November 25, 2013 15:10 ET

GOJO Announces New Manufacturing and Automotive Hand Soap Locator Tool

AKRON, OH--(Marketwired - Nov 25, 2013) - GOJO Industries has added new online tools to enable manufacturing and automotive hand soap customers to more readily determine the optimum locations for handwashing, conditioning and sanitizing products in their plants and shops.

The online tools help determine the best places to locate hand soaps and dispensers for effective cleaning and conditioning of employees' hands based on their type of work. The GOJO placement tool works in conjunction with another online tool that qualifies product recommendations based on the kinds of soils that must be removed and other criteria that affect the hand health of manufacturing workers and automotive techs.

"These placement tools are for our manufacturing customers and all of the shops where people work on cars, trucks and other vehicles and machinery," said Harold Tyreman, sales and marketing vice president for automotive, industrial and textile. "The GOJO product selector tool tailors recommendations for the best hand soap for each customer's needs and specific plant or shop environments. With the GOJO placement tool, we now can deliver informed recommendations about where to make those products available."

GOJO has heard from managers who report the tailored recommendations are good for enhancing employees' on-the-job experience.

"The GOJO product portfolio for Tough Soils markets has a long history, and we are known for leading in the development of manufacturing and automotive hand soap that is effective in removing soil and conditioning the hands," Tyreman said. "The newest additions in our product and placement wizards help us maintain the leadership we started building in plants and automotive shops back in 1946."

To access the GOJO online selection and locator tools:

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