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April 28, 2011 09:10 ET

Gold River Productions Inc. (GRPS-Pink Sheets) Enters Into Preliminary Discussions Regarding Our Patent-Pending "World Home" Earthquake Resistant Prefab Permanent Housing Available for Japan Disaster Victims

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Apr 28, 2011) - John Ohlin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gold River Productions (GRPS) Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GRPS) announced today that it has begun preliminary discussions regarding its patent-pending "World Home" prefab permanent housing available for Japan disaster victims.

AeroQuest Technologies -- All-Composite "World Home"
The technology used to construct the World Home has won the prestigious "Innovation Award for Outstanding New Technology." A home or building built with the World Home's all-composite sandwich panels can achieve a heating and cooling load reduction of up to 70% when compared to homes built with concrete masonry walls. Building with the World Home's all-composite panels saves money since the structures are faster to assemble, they do not require steel, wood or concrete and, due to them being very light weight, the cost to ship pre-fabricated panels is considerably less than conventional construction designs.

Our wholly owned subsidiary, AeroQuest Technologies, which was the winner of the prestigious 2007 Utah Innovations Awards, "has developed a proprietary, multi-matrix, thermoplastic material that, when combined with a variety of core materials, can produce a fiber-reinforced, thermoplastic structural panel that can be formed into a wide variety of products that will be 40% - 60% lighter than conventional materials, are highly impact resistant, impervious to water and most chemicals and have excellent stiffness and tensile strength and sound and vibration dampening characteristics.

Homes and Buildings may be assembled on-site in one to three days. Traditional maintenance expense is not required on the World Home; no rot, swelling or deterioration over time and no painting. Analysis shows that the use of the World Home's all-composite panels reduces greenhouse gas emissions and will contribute to high scores in green certifications such as "LEED." The efficient use of raw materials in the manufacturing and construction process generates very little waste. The World Home exceeds all Building Codes including airborne off gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in production and assembly.

The World Home earthquake resistant exterior and interior walls may be assembled from single panels up to 10 ft. wide by 60 ft. long. All panels have a smooth surface and are fire resistant which eliminates the need for drywall. Because of the use of aerospace high-tech engineered fibers, the World Home's insulated structural panels (SIP's) weigh 70% less than conventional SIP panels with plywood facings. As an option to the World Home or other structures, an exquisite simulated stone facing or stone columns may be incorporated into the exterior or interior panels at the factory prior to on-site delivery.

Rated for category 5 hurricanes, the World Home can withstand 155 MPH winds. The World Home will meet Florida's Dade County large and small missile impact test, as well as ASTM standard test, demonstrating the structural integrity and durability designed into every World Home structure. Unlike traditional building methods, the World Home's advanced fiber composite design will withstand a considerable amount of bending forces and vibration generated from high intensity earthquakes. The World Home easily meets E-84 and E-119 ratings pertaining to rate of burn, smoke density and fire spread tests.

Our patent-pending World Home design provides a green alternative to conventional materials and assembly methods. Its very high "R-Value" provides significant energy savings and its durability requires much less maintenance which reduces the cost of ownership and offers an eco-friendly solution. The World Home all-composite construction panels are fully recyclable which helps reduce greenhouse emissions and lower dependency for fossil fuel while leaving a smaller environmental footprint. The designers of the World Home specialize in green and sustainable building methods such as the U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) and ENERGY STAR, and adhere to many of the standards set forth by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System (LEED).

April 22 2011--Japan's cabinet on Friday approved a $49 billion budget to helpin the reconstruction of areas decimated by last month's earthquake and tsunami.
The Disaster Relief Fund will pay for removal of rubble and debris, temporary housing, rebuilding of roads, farms, airports and schools, and loans to small- and medium-sized businesses. Seeking to turn the nation's focus to the arduous task of rebuilding, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan last week invoked the imagery of his country's recovery from World War II."We must renew the determination that we had in the post-World War II reconstruction period, and we must tackle the task of reconstruction after this earthquake," he said. The devastation left behind by the March 11 earthquake is an opportunity to build "a new, better future than before," said the prime minister, who was born in 1946 -- a year after the end of the war. Kan said the Japanese people "stood up bravely and achieved a reconstruction that amazed the world." The fund is only expected to cover a fraction of the total cost of recovery. The double disaster could cost Japan's government in excess of $305 billion, Deputy Finance Minister Mitsuru Sakurai told reporters last month.

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