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Goldcliff Resource Corporation

April 06, 2009 14:01 ET

Goldcliff Resource Corporation: Drilling on the Bonanza Trench Area Confirms Strong Gold Values

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 6, 2009) - Leonard W. Saleken, Chairman of Goldcliff Resource Corporation (TSX VENTURE:GCN), is pleased to report the core drilling results from the York-Viking zone's Bonanza Trench area on Goldcliff's 100%-owned Panorama Ridge gold property, located near Hedley, B.C. Seventeen HQ holes were drilled at different directions and angles from two setups, and the length of the holes averaged 61.10 metres. The purpose of these holes was to better define the gold continuity, size, shape and orientation of the Bonanza horizon within the York-Viking zone. The drilling results are highlighted with intervals exceeding 5.00 grams per tonne gold.

The drilling results indicate that the Bonanza horizon has a high variability of gold grades and widths, a typical feature of high-grade areas. More detailed drilling will be required to fully define the size, shape and orientation of the Bonanza horizon.

The drilling was from two setups, located west and north of the Bonanza Trench, and consisted of a fan-pattern of drill holes. The drilling from the west setup was directed from west to east and totalled 11 holes. The drilling from the north setup was directed from north to south and totalled six holes. The two setups were at approximate right-angles to each other. The west-setup holes were drilled to intersect any gold mineralization that was related to the conformity (beds) of the skarn alteration in the sediments. The north-setup holes were drilled to intersect any gold mineralization that was related to the cross-cutting structure of the sedimentary skarn-alteration. The Bonanza horizon gold values are related to silica enrichment, an additional feature of the skarn alteration. The silica enrichment is accompanied by quartz-pyrite veinletts and contains elevated amounts of bismuth and tellurium.

From the west setup, four drill holes returned higher gold values of 2.35, 4.31, 5.05 and 5.65 grams per tonne gold over 1.00 metre intervals within the higher-grade portion of the Bonanza horizon. The Bonanza horizon varies in width from 6.00 to 20.73 metres and contains average gold values of 0.34 to 1.29 grams per tonne gold (g/t). The drilling results from the Bonanza horizon are summarized as follows:

West-Setup Holes - Bonanza Horizon
 Drill Hole  From (m)  To (m)  Interval (m)  Au (g/t)  Interval (m)  Au High (g/t)
 28172  21.94  34.61  12.67  0.54  1.00  1.25
 28173  16.60  27.44  10.84  1.06  1.00  4.31
 28163  20.71  26.71  6.00  1.29  1.00  2.35
 28164  13.70  26.27  12.57  0.57  1.00  1.10
 28165  14.87  24.42  9.55  0.48  1.00  0.82
 28166  19.56  40.29  20.73  0.53  1.00  5.05
 28167  14.05  26.52  12.47  0.86  1.00  1.76
 28168  25.62  33.96  8.34  1.13  1.00  5.65
 28169  14.05  28.05  14.00  0.67  1.00  1.66
 28170  17.23  32.44  15.21  0.60  1.00  1.14
 28171  13.05  30.84  17.79  0.57  1.00  1.59

North-Setup Holes - Bonanza Horizon
 Drill Hole  From (m)  To (m)  Interval (m)  Au (g/t)  Interval (m)  Au High (g/t)
 28176  29.98  45.31  15.33  0.64  1.00  1.43
 28177  26.63  39.20  12.57  0.61  1.00  1.30
 28178  26.68  45.13  18.45  0.55  1.00  1.50
 28179  34.40  40.14  5.74  0.80  1.00  1.31
 28180  25.06  39.06  14.00  0.53  1.00  1.14
 28181  18.25  35.67  17.42  0.34  1.00  0.73


The purpose of these holes was to better define the gold continuity, size, shape and orientation of the Bonanza horizon within the York-Viking zone. The drilling established that the Bonanza horizon occurs at depth. The gold continuity, size, shape and orientation of the Bonanza horizon were partially established by the drilling. The Bonanza horizon requires more detailed drilling in order to locate the high-grade portion of the gold mineralization and to fully define its size, shape and orientations.

As previously reported, the surface gold results from the detailed sampling in the Bonanza Trench stripped area returned an average grade of 3.31 grams per tonne gold. Within the stripped area, the Bonanza horizon measured ten square metres (2.00 by 5.00 metres), and contained an average of 0.790 ounces per ton gold (27.09 grams per tonne gold). The higher-grade portion of the horizon returned gold values ranging from 5.37 to 17.37 ounces per ton gold (184.00 to 595.55 grams per tonne gold) over 1.50 metres. The higher-grade gold values consist of free-gold and the bismuth-tellurium, gold compound minerals hedleyite and joseite.

The Bonanza Trench stripped area of gold mineralization occurs in the sedimentary rocks of the Triassic Nicola Group, Hedley Formation. The gold mineralization on the Panorama Ridge gold property is related to the pervasive silica-iron replacement (skarn alteration) of the sedimentary rocks. In the Bonanza Trench stripped area, the high-grade gold in the Bonanza horizon is related to enriched silica. The Bonanza horizon has additional silica enrichment in the skarn alteration, as well as quartz-pyrite veinletts. The high-grade gold horizon contains elevated amounts of the pathfinder elements bismuth and tellurium.

The York-Viking gold zone is the largest of several gold zones discovered on the Panorama Ridge property. The Panorama Ridge property is located four kilometres east of the historic Nickel Plate-Mascot mines that once produced 2.5 million ounces of gold. The Panorama Ridge property was discovered in 2000 when Goldcliff prospected new logging road outcrops. The property has mine-related infrastructure and is readily accessed by roads. Goldcliff has identified multiple gold zones that have economic potential.

Eco Tech Laboratory Ltd. of Kamloops, B.C., an accredited laboratory and subsidiary of Alex Stewart Group Ltd., is conducting the sample preparation and analysis. All sample analysis is 30 gram fire assay-A.A. finish for gold and 35 multi-element ICPMS. The sample stream is subject to check analysis on repeat and re-split samples, and standards to maintain quality control.

Leonard W. Saleken, PGeo, is the qualified persons as defined by National Instrument 43-101 who supervised the preparation and verification of the technical information in this release.


Leonard W. Saleken, PGeo, Chairman, CEO, Director

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