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June 08, 2016 07:30 ET

Golden Grail Announces Peru Has Said "No" to Genetically Modified Foods

Natural News States GMOs Dangerous for the Environment and Humans

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - June 08, 2016) - Golden Grail Technology Corp (OTC: GOGY) ("Golden Grail" or the "Company"), a technology and software solutions provider to companies with unique value propositions operating in mass market consumer sectors, today shares that Peru has said "no" to genetically modified foods with a 10 year ban on GMO foods.

Peru's ban on GMO foods prohibits the import, production and use of genetically modified foods. The law is aimed at safeguarding the country's agricultural diversity and preventing cross-pollination with non-GMO crops. It will also help protect Peruvian exports of organic products.

As reported by "accomplishing what practically no other country in North, Central, or South America has had the willingness or boldness to even attempt, Peru has essentially told the biotechnology industry to take its untested "Frankencrops" and shove them where the sun does not shine. Not only are GMOs dangerous for the environment and humans, agree many local experts and farmers, but they also threaten to decimate the rich biodiversity that has sustained the many civilizations of Peru for millennia."

"Consumer demand for organic, fair-trade foods, as well as traceability to where their food is grown, is increasing at a significant rate. Numerous countries around the world are banning genetically modified foods, even burning GMO fields, as the long-term safety of what many refer to as 'FrankenFoods' has yet to be established. While science has made great accomplishments in both agriculture and nutrition, I still recommend clients/patients avoid GMO foods whenever possible. It is important to me, a Naturopathic physician who believes that food is our medicine, that we respect the laws of Nature. Many countries, like Peru, share this belief and all the food products imported from Peru for sale by Ah Brands have not been genetically modified," states Rob Streisfeld, NMD, the Company's Health & Wellness Advisor.

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