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October 30, 2012 15:15 ET

Golden Hour Jury Verdict Leads emsCharts to Bankruptcy

emsCharts Attempts to Avoid Judgment in Willful Infringement Litigation

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) - Golden Hour today announced that after a 6-year suit in Federal Court and the US Circuit Court of Appeals, and reexamination by the USPTO of the US Patent 6,117,073, its suit against emsCharts, the resulting jury verdict, pending post-trial motion for judgment and permanent injunction, has caused emsCharts' insolvency.

In its petition for bankruptcy filed on October 17, 2012 with the US Bankruptcy Court, Peter Goutmann, President of emsCharts, stated, "One thing is certain if the District Court (Federal Court in the Eastern District of Texas hearing the Patent infringement matter) enters judgment in favor of Golden Hour, emsCharts will immediately become insolvent."

Golden Hour believes emsCharts chose bankruptcy to forestall judgment and a potential injunction against its operations as well as to stall a second patent suit for infringement and induced infringement of US Patent 7,668,736.

Golden Hour is now the single, largest, creditor of emsCharts and will aggressively pursue all legal recourse available to see that damages caused by emsCharts' infringement are paid and that the infringement discontinues.

"We are pleased that the court has sided with Golden Hour over this blatantly infringing system," said Dr. Kevin Hutton, CEO of Golden Hour. "This competitor has been directly infringing and inducing infringement for nearly a decade through many partners, clients, and other entities."

"Golden Hour is committed to supporting the emergency medical transportation industry with integrated and innovative technology. It is unfortunate that this competitor chose a path that required Golden Hour to be distracted from helping the EMS industry remain sustainable. Choosing to bankrupt their company is a disservice to their customers, employees, partners, and the industry," said Dr. Hutton. "We extend our sincere appreciation to our loyal customers for their continued support during this lengthy litigation process.

Golden Hour US Patent 6,117,073 involves software systems integration between Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Clinical Charting, and Billing. Golden Hour US Patent 7,668,736 involves sending protected health information and vehicle tracking information over a public network such as the Internet.

Users of emsCharts and other Clinical Charting systems that are integrated with any CAD or Billing software products or services, or are transmitting protected health information and flight-tracking information over the Internet, should contact Golden Hour or assess their potential infringement of Golden Hour's intellectual property.

About Golden Hour:
Golden Hour Data Systems, Inc. is the only patented integrated computerized solution for the emergency medical transportation industry. Golden Hour provides Computer Aided Dispatch, Clinical Charting, and Data Analytics solutions through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. Golden Hour also offers a complete line of billing and collection services including; AR collection enhancement services, aged AR Collections, outsourced or in house billing and collections assessments, compliance auditing services, and corporate integrity agreement management services. Golden Hour is the leader within the air medical services industry and increases overall collections, reduces write-offs, reduces denials, and ensures government compliance, including HIPAA, NEMSIS, 5010 and fractional loaded mileage compliance. Golden Hour actively protects its intellectual property rights. Golden Hour is independent and privately held with no industry providers having any ownership interest in Golden Hour. For more information about Golden Hour or to access links to our Patents, please visit or contact us at 858.768.2510.

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