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February 22, 2010 11:07 ET

Goldman Sachs Foundation Investment Yields High ROI

ETS Estimates Average Return Is $15 per Individual per $1 Invested

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - February 22, 2010) - A new report prepared by Educational Testing Service (ETS) concludes that historically the Goldman Sachs Foundation (GSF) invested in highly effective educational, leadership development, and entrepreneurial programs for high-potential, but disadvantaged youth. ETS calculates return on GSF's investment as $15 for each dollar it invested over the course of its decade-long program.

Developing High-Potential Youth Program: A Return on Investment Study for U.S. Programs, examines the work of the GSF's U.S. grantees in their Developing High-Potential Youth Program. Highlights of the report include the evaluation of prominent activities, outcomes, value and impact of seven grantees who have helped young people gain admission to, and succeed at, the most selective colleges and universities in the United States.

"The GSF has established a strong track record of generating a clear ROI," explains Dr. Catherine Millett, ETS Senior Research Scientist. "We found that students who participated in each of the seven programs have higher rates of applying to, enrolling and succeeding at selective colleges and universities than their peers. The programs that work with high-potential youth to help them access the top universities not only are needed, but incredibly effective."

In the report, Millett and co-author Dr. Michael Nettles, ETS Senior Vice President, conclude that GSF has made enormous contributions to strengthening programs that support high-potential youth who are economically disadvantaged and in great need of support; inventing models that can be replicated to increase the college preparation and achievement of high-potential youth; increasing the earnings of individuals over what they would have earned without the support; and expanding the pool of underrepresented students in both selective colleges and universities, and subsequently in prestigious work environments.

The complete report shares insights from a university president, a program director, a current student and a college graduate into what the Developing High-Potential Youth Program has meant to them.

Download, Developing High-Potential Youth Program: A Return on Investment Study for U.S. Programs for free.

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