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May 19, 2011 16:31 ET

GoldSands Development Company Appoints VP Production

LIMA, PERU--(Marketwire - May 19, 2011) - GoldSands Development Company (OTCBB:GSDC) (OTCQB:GSDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Rafal Swiecki as the Company's Vice President of Production.

Mr. Swiecki graduated as a geological engineer from Polytechnic School of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For the past 25 years, he has specialized in the exploration and exploitation of various alluvial gold and diamond deposits.

In 1987, he joined the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission as Senior Geologist, to plan and conduct the Mid-Mazaruni Diamond Exploration Project. This project established the diamond reserve amounts and locations within the Mazaruni River system and its tributaries.

In 1988, as part of the Homestake Mining Company's exploration activity in Guyana, he was in charge of field activities in the Akaiwang area, a primary gold project.

From 1989, he was the exploration and development manager of M. C. Correia Holdings Co.; a private alluvial gold and diamond mining company in Guyana, which became the top country private gold producer during following years. Later, he managed the development of a primary/alluvial gold mining operation in the province of Bolivar, Venezuela.

From 1999 to 2002, as exploration manager of Ascendent Exploration Co., he located, explored and operated over 500 km2 of alluvial gold concessions on the Napo and Arajuno rivers (Ecuador). Later, the company became the holder of a major copper deposit in Ecuador.

From 2004 to 2007, he explored alluvial diamond deposits in Democratic Republic of the Congo, for SouthernEra Diamonds; a publicly-traded Canadian company. As result, the company acquired large alluvial diamond deposits in the Tshikapa and Mbuji Mayi areas, the properties of which were later acquired by Mwana Africa PLC from Republic of South Africa.

From 2008 to 2011, Rafal evaluated several privately held alluvial gold/diamond deposits and managed the start up of the resulting alluvial mining operations for various investors.

Mr. Swiecki is now in charge of monitoring and advising on GoldSand's initial gold production test mining project currently being conducted in association with Swiss Mining SA. This test production is taking place within the 2.5 square kilometer area of the recent 100-hole drill program. This test production program is expected to continue for several months, during which time various production methods will be assessed in order to maximize yields, as well as to help develop larger capacity recovery systems that should enable the processing of an increasing volume of alluvial material.

GoldSands CEO Michael Stocker remarked:

"We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Swiecki, as the newest member of our production team. He has extensive background in the exploration, delineation, and development of alluvial deposits in a variety of locales across the globe, as well as in the terrain along the upper Amazonian watershed. We believe that the skills Mr. Swiecki has developed will be quite helpful as our company continues its test production operation, and as it increases its knowledge of the alluvial deposits located within the boundaries of our GoldSands properties."

About GoldSands Development Company

The Company's goal is to fully develop our Peruvian GoldSands project. The Company's GoldSands project in Peru consists of options on 461 square kilometers (178 square miles) of mining property, the largest such block in the district. For thousands of years, the waters of the Santiago and the Marañón rivers have been carving their way through the gold-rich mountain canyons of the Andes, carrying off gold and depositing it in the loose gravels and sands - GoldSands - in the area the Company now controls.

Results from test holes drilled during GSDC's exploratory drill program indicate the presence of alluvial gold. While the results from the drill programs and initial results of the ongoing test mining production are favorable, the Company cautions that these results do not indicate the presence of a commercially viable mineral deposit and an extensive amount of further exploration is needed to determine the full feasibility of the project. The Company can provide no assurance that its Peruvian GoldSands project will contain an economically viable mineral deposit. The Company has signed an agreement with Swiss Mining S.A. to begin a test mining production program within the 2.5 square kilometer area of the recent 100-hole drill program.

The Company has completed a social baseline study involving a series of meetings with local residents and other stakeholders in the region. We intend to work in an equitable, transparent, and socially responsible manner with local communities, suppliers and employees. We will act as stewards of the local and regional ecological systems, behaving in an environmentally responsible way, leaving a minimal "footprint" as a result of our operations. Our company is working towards building trust and sustaining relationships that go well beyond mining operations.

The full implementation of these programs will require the Company to secure additional financing.

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Dr. Michael Stocker - CEO

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