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November 29, 2011 10:10 ET

Goleta Veterinarians Recommend Puppy and Dog Training Classes

GOLETA, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 29, 2011) - Goleta veterinarian Dr. Stephen G. Lewis and Dr. William B. Wallace announced that Airport Animal Hospital recommends dog training classes by animal behaviorist, Wency Elaine. Wency teaches two classes, a "Puppy Training" class for puppies between the ages of three and five months, and a "Beginning Novice" class for dogs that did not receive training as puppies or that require training reinforcement. Both classes are one hour each week and run for six weeks. Vaccinations must be current. Airport Animal Hospital located in Goleta, CA provides routine wellness care, emergency vet services, pet boarding and grooming services.

Wency teaches two training classes. "Puppy Training" is designed for puppies between the ages of three and five months and focuses on teaching off-leash socialization, mastering commands, housebreaking a puppy and managing inappropriate behavior.

For dogs that did not receive basic training as puppies or who need reinforcement, Wency also teaches a "Beginning Novice" class. The class reinforces basic commands, correcting undesirable behavior and building a positive relationship between owner and pet. Classes are one hour each week and last for six weeks.

"We recommend training classes for all dog and puppy owners," said Dr. Lewis. "A training class is a great environment to teach your dog basic commands and help your pet socialize. Sadly, many dogs end up in animal shelters because their owners are unable to handle inappropriate behavior. Training from an early age avoids these problems by establishing clear communication between owners and dog."

Wency is the first trainer in Santa Barbara to offer puppy training classes based on the methods of Dr. Ian Dunbar, an Animal Behaviorist and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at UC Berkeley.

"Wency has over 30 years experience with working with many different animal species, but her true love is for dogs," said Goleta vet Dr. William B. Wallace. "Her classes are an important foundation for establishing clear communication between dogs and their owners, and we highly recommend these classes to all dog owners."

Wency has trained award-winning obedience dogs along with a variety of pets including exotic animals. She has also worked in animal shelters helping abused, abandoned and neglected animals master social skills and commands.

All puppies and dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations, and proof of vaccinations must be submitted prior to attending the first training class. Airport Animal Hospital provides routine vaccinations as well as flea and tick care for puppies and dogs.

In addition to vaccinations and flea and tick prevention, the veterinary hospital provides routine, Goleta pet care, dental care, including cleaning dogs' teeth and delivering emergency care.

Pet owners who would like more information on the dog training classes may visit the Airport Animal Hospital website at to learn more.

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