June 14, 2006 10:00 ET

Golf Niche PPC Search Engine Guarantees Highest ROI

DANBURY, CT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 14, 2006, the #1 golf search engine since 1998, has just announced its new Pay Per Click (PPC) program. "Our golfers come to a 'golf only' search engine only for one reason -- they are actively looking for a golf related product or service. Because of this you will get a higher ROI on clicks from than you will from any other PPC program," says Joe Davidson, president of operates in a "bid for position" manner similar to Overture (now Yahoo! Search Marketing), Google Adwords, FindWhat and other PPC search services. The big difference between the big guns and is that is a niche or "Golf Only" search engine. currently has over 14,500 listings.

With Yahoo! Search, Google and other non-golf specific search engines, golf advertisers may get a lot of traffic but some of the clicks you get will be people who are searching for things other than golf. However, the golfers that come to are very, very, very targeted. has up to 11,000 golfers searching for golf products and services at their web site every day. is about to make a major marketing push to bring even more golfers to their search engine everyday. Realistically they won’t be able to deliver to you as many golfers as Google or Yahoo! but they do guarantee that their clicks will be more targeted and give you a better return for your marketing dollar.

Only $.05 A Click And You Can Begin Your PPC Campaign with only $50

If you already advertise your golf product or service with any Pay Per Click Search Engine you should definitely begin PPC campaign right now at because it's your best value in targeted golf marketing. The minimum bid on a keyword is only $.05 and your initial deposit can be a low as $50.

To get your PPC account going all you have to do is go to and open your account. will give a 50% dollar match on all PPC accounts opened with a minimum $75.00 deposit. Now $75 becomes $112.50, $100 becomes $150.00.

Just make an initial $50 deposit and they’ll make sure your PPC account is activated promptly. You can set up your keywords or they'll be happy to set up an initial listing for you. Of course you can change your keyword list or add additional keywords at any time.

If you’ve tried the big search engine PPCs and you didn’t feel you got quality results then’s program is definitely for you.’s PPC software system is industrial strength, complete with advanced fraud protection and 24/7 admin access so you can check your clicks anytime. They do provide click reports by email and you can log into your account admin area and see your click statistics or make changes to your bids or keywords 24 hours a day.

If you have any questions about setting up a PPC account email them at If you prefer, you can set up your PPC account over the phone. Just call (203)-792-1988 (9:30 AM – 7:00 PM EDT) and they’ll be happy to set your account up right away.

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