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November 08, 2012 09:00 ET

Good Push Index Verifies Strong Consumer Response to Push Notifications

Urban Airship's Second Study Uses Larger Data Sample and Engagement Algorithm to Provide Mobile Marketers With Good Push Messaging Benchmarks

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Nov 8, 2012) - Urban Airship, the leading provider of high-performance push messaging to build relationships with connected consumers, today shared results of a second and broader Good Push Index study that verifies the effective use of push notifications more than doubles four-month app user retention rates and nearly quintuples engagement. To offer mobile marketers additional insights to benchmark and improve mobile messaging efforts, Urban Airship partnered with analytics expert Joy Liuzzo of Wave Collapse to develop an algorithm categorizing apps' push messaging practices as garnering either High, Average or Low Push Engagement.

The study analyzed data from 360 apps, comparing the behaviors of users opted-in to receive push messages versus opted-out users who do not receive them. High, Average and Low Push Engagement rankings were calculated using a number of metrics including the percent of the total app audience opting-in, and immediate and delayed response to notifications.

For apps with High Push Engagement, opted-in users are retained at more than double the rate of opted-out users. Even if push messaging efforts are novice, or Low Push Engagement, 78 percent more users are retained over a four-month period than users who do not receive push messaging.

Apps with High Push Engagement drive 388 percent more app opens than their opted-out audience, while Average Push Engagement and Low Push Engagement increase app opens 170 percent and 77 percent, respectfully.

"Consumers that invite you in to message them on the one device they are never without, should be considered your most valuable customers," said Scott Kveton, CEO and co-founder, Urban Airship. "The opportunity to drive mobile engagement and build stronger relationships should not be squandered and according to this study, adding push messaging to your app will significantly boost retention and engagement, while a best practices approach will achieve optimal results that turn relationships into loyalty."

Of the entire sample size, 95 apps were classified as High Push Engagement, 175 as Average Push Engagement and 87 as Low Push Engagement. High Push Engagement apps typically see more than 75 percent of their audience opt-in to receive push messages, while Average sees greater than 50 percent and Low less than 50 percent. On average, High Push Engagement achieves double the clickthrough rate of Average, which itself doubles the clickthrough rate of Low.

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Urban Airship analyzed its customers' data to find apps with at least a four-month history of actively using push messaging, including those with at least a 1000 users, at least 1000 pushes sent in the last month and at least 1000 opt-in opens in the last month. Analysis included 360 apps, representing a wide variety of app categories: media, entertainment, finance, music, education, social networking, games, sports, dating, finance, utilities and weather. The algorithm was then applied to the sample to determine High, Average and Low rankings.

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