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November 17, 2015 10:00 ET

Goodblock Launches to Give Web Users Control Over Their Online Experience

The Free Adblocker Lets Users Choose to See Beautiful Ads That Earn Money for Charity

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - November 17, 2015) - Gladly, the company behind the charitable browser extension "Tab for a Cause", today announced the public beta launch of Goodblock, a free adblocking browser extension that's creating a better Internet by making online advertising a choice. Goodblock protects users from unwanted ads, while safeguarding against privacy intrusions and behavioral tracking. With Goodblock, users can decide if they want to see a beautiful ad that earns money for charity, or they can simply browse ad free.

"The growth of adblockers is a signal that people want to have more control over their online ad experience," said Gladly founder and CEO Alex Groth. "Tab for a Cause proved that charitable ads are not only tolerable but enjoyable. Goodblock is an extension of that discovery -- by blocking the annoying banner ad a user would normally see and replacing it with the choice to view a beautiful and creative ad from brands they know and love."

With 198 million active users around the world, adblock usage is up nearly 41 percent over the past year (The 2015 adblocking Report), a signal that online advertising is at a crossroads. Advertisers need a better option; simply finding workarounds to adblockers or forcing users to pay for content they want is not a long term solution.

Goodblock represents a radically new way to view advertising by giving users control over the ads they engage with, and how the revenue they help earn is being allocated.


  • Goodblock works like a browser extension. Once it's downloaded to the user's browser, ALL online advertising is removed.
  • Once a day, "Tad" -- Goodblock's ambassador butterfly -- appears at the bottom left corner of the user's screen.
  • Users can continue to browse ad free, or they can they choose to click on Tad.
  • If Tad is engaged, then the user experiences a beautiful and creative static display ad from popular brands like REI, Puma, Oakley, TOMS and more. They also earn a "Heart" (Gladly's form of virtual currency).
  • Every few times a user clicks on Tad, instead of seeing an ad they will see their dashboard. From there they can donate their "hearts" to the charity of their choice.
  • At least 30 percent of ad revenue is donated to the users cause of choice including:,, Action Against Hunger, Human Rights Watch, Room to Read, Conservation International, Educate, and The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck.

Goodblock currently supports Google Chrome, and will soon launch on Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. To learn more and to download Goodblock, please visit

About Gladly

Gladly is transforming the Internet experience by improving how online advertising is done. Its mission is to give users a choice in the ads they view, while protecting their privacy and making sure every ad serves a worthy purpose.

Tab for a Cause and Goodblock -- Gladly's core services -- provide users with a better Internet and an effortless way to help support their favorite causes. With Tab for a Cause, users raise money for charity simply by opening new tabs from their favorite Internet browser. With the Goodblock adblocker, users are protected against annoying ads and empowered with the option to view a quality ad in exchange for a donation to their cause of choice.

Gladly has over 60,000 active users who have donated $150K to charity to date.

Founded in 2013, Gladly is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit or find us on Twitter @GoodblockApp.

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