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October 01, 2009 15:00 ET

Goodmail Systems Responds to RPost Claims

RPost Press Release Reflects Ignorance of Goodmail's Technology and Services; Goodmail to Bring CertifiedEmail Paper Suppression Service to Market as Planned

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - October 1, 2009) - Goodmail Systems, the creator of CertifiedEmail™, the industry's standard class of trusted email, today responded to a press release by RPost publicizing a lawsuit it filed on September 15, 2009 for alleged patent infringement.

"RPost made no attempt to contact Goodmail to determine if its claims had any merit before filing the lawsuit, nor did it explain the basis for its allegations against Goodmail," said Daniel Dreymann, president and co-founder of Goodmail. "We see no merit to the allegations in the complaint and intend to vigorously defend against them."

Goodmail's flagship product, CertifiedEmail, provides a safe and reliable means for consumers to easily identify authentic emails from legitimate senders; it has been adopted by the nation's top retailers, financial institutions, newspaper and media companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Contrary to the claims in RPost's press release, these are hardly spammers seeking to buy their way past ISP spam filters. They are respected commercial, government and non-profit enterprises that value the benefits provided by CertifiedEmail.

The RPost lawsuit concerns the new Goodmail CertifiedEmail Paper Suppression™ service, which has not yet been made generally available to customers. The CertifiedEmail Paper Suppression service will provide a legal proof of delivery and will allow organizations to reduce their reliance on paper-based communications, shifting various types of official communications to email.

Among other allegations, RPost claims in its press release that its patents have priority over technology dating back to 1996. Only one of the patents RPost asserts against Goodmail claims priority to that date, and RPost itself has described that patent as "an obvious application of existing methods" that rendered the patent invalid.

"As RPost's infringement allegations are baseless, we will bring CertifiedEmail Paper Suppression to market as planned," said Dreymann. "CertifiedEmail Paper Suppression provides a legal proof of delivery without compromising the privacy of either the sender or the recipient. The market needs such an innovative solution and we are determined to provide it."

About Goodmail Systems

Goodmail Systems is the creator of CertifiedEmail™, the industry's standard class of email. CertifiedEmail provides a safe and reliable means for consumers to easily identify authentic email messages from legitimate commercial and nonprofit email senders. Each CertifiedEmail is sent with a cryptographically secure token that assures authenticity and is marked in the inbox with a unique blue ribbon envelope icon, enabling consumers to visually distinguish email messages which are real and sent from email senders with whom they have a pre-existing relationship. Available to email senders meeting strict standards for best practices and low complaint rates, it is the only class of e-mail available that assures delivery of all opt-in e-mail messages to the inbox, with links and images automatically rendered intact, and embedded multi-dimensional applications like CertifiedVideo™ for streaming video, yielding measurable improvements in e-mail effectiveness. CertifiedEmail has been adopted by seven of the nation's top 10 email mailbox providers and is in use by 500 commercial, government and non-profit senders. It is supported in North America and Europe by a wide network of email platforms and service providers.

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