Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd.

Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd.

August 02, 2005 13:49 ET

Goodman & Company Eliminates RSP Portfolios

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - August 2, 2005) - Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd. ("Goodman & Company") the manager of the Dynamic Strategic Portfolios, Radiant Strategic Portfolios and the Diversified Program announces that it will terminate its RSP portfolios on August 12, 2005, as a result of recent legislation eliminating the 30% foreign content limit.

RSP portfolios were created to help investors exceed the legislated foreign content limit of 30%, which applied to registered plans. The removal of the foreign content limit means investors can now invest directly in foreign funds without restriction, eliminating the need for RSP portfolios.

Eliminating the RSP portfolios and investing directly in the corresponding portfolios is a tremendous benefit to investors, as it eliminates a layer of expenses related to the RSP portfolio structure.

The RSP portfolios will be closed to new sales effective Tuesday August 9th. At the close of business on August 12th, Goodman & Company will terminate the following portfolios and investors will receive the equivalent value of their investment in the corresponding portfolio:

- Dynamic Strategic RSP High Growth Portfolio

- Dynamic Strategic RSP All Equity Portfolio

- Radiant Growth RSP Portfolio

- Radiant High Growth RSP Portfolio

- Radiant All Equity RSP Portfolio

- Diversified RSP High Growth Portfolio

- Diversified RSP All Equity Portfolio

Goodman & Company is a leading investment firm tracing its portfolio management roots back nearly 50 years, with approximately $16 billion in assets under management. Goodman & Company, including Dynamic Mutual Funds and its affiliates, offers a wide range of wealth management solutions through registered financial advisors, including mutual funds; fee based programs (Viscount and Marquis), limited partnerships (CMP and Canada Dominion), hedge funds and high net-worth investment counsel (Goodman Private Wealth Management). Goodman & Company is a subsidiary of Dundee Wealth management Inc. (DW - TSX).

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