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July 01, 2016 05:00 ET

Goodyear Sets Wheels in Motion for World Record Attempt Across Eurasia

Goodyear and Rainer Zietlow Team Up Again to Drive From Magadan -- Russia, to Lisbon -- Portugal in Around 8 Days

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM --(Marketwired - July 01, 2016) - On June 30th(1), Rainer Zietlow will embark on his 15,200 km world record drive across Eurasia. In around 8 days(2), Rainer wants to drive from Magadan, the easternmost city on the Asian continent reachable by car, to Lisbon, the westernmost city on the European continent. As he did with his previous challenges, Zietlow will donate the funds he raises to the charity SOS Village in Belarus which he will visit after the world record run. With a long heritage of firsts, Rainer again choses Goodyear as the ideal partner for this world record attempt.

History of firsts

Just like multiple world record holder Zietlow, Goodyear also prides itself on a history of firsts: the first to have their tires on the moon, the first to launch off-road tires and the first to win 350 F1 Grand Prix races on their tires. Rainer Zietlow himself already has four long distance world records to his name; this challenge will be his fifth. The attempt will take Zietlow on a journey through 11 time zones, starting at the most extreme point in Eurasia reachable by car. The biggest challenge he faces will be crossing Moscow without traffic jams and the infamous Kolyma Highway in Russia, a 3,000 km gravel road, very demanding for crew, car and tires. In order to cross the supercontinent in a record-breaking time, Rainer Zietlow chose to partner with Goodyear for the third time, relying on the company's Wrangler tire family. Previous collaborations were Cape to Cape and Cape to Cape 2.0.

The Goodyear Wrangler tire family

From Magadan to Yakutsk, Rainer will use the Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar, offering excellent off-road capabilities for highly demanding and extreme conditions. For driving on looser gravel and highways from Yakutsk to Lisbon, Rainer will use the Wrangler HP All Weather tire, designed for SUV and 4X4 vehicles, which combines solid year-round performance on tarmac and hardened roads with strong off-road abilities. The tire offers an aggressive grip in wet weather, strong aquaplaning resistance granting the team the necessary peace of mind as they make their way to Lisbon.

"Rainer will have to drive on many different surfaces, such as tarmac, gravel and mud, and in various weather in dry as well as in rainy conditions," Alexis Bortoluzzi, Marketing Director EMEA at Goodyear explains. "We equipped him with tires from the Wrangler family that can really perform during the long and challenging ride, and that, like every Goodyear tire, will do so reliably."

Across Eurasia from Magadan to Lisbon

The world record attempt is expected to take around 8 days to complete, and will see Zietlow and his team, cameraman Marius Biela and Russian journalist Peter Bakanov, pass through 7 countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.

The car will carry a total of seven tires: four fitted tires and three spare ones. Other partners of the challenge include Volkswagen Group Rus, LukOil lubricants, Ferodo, Champion, Immarsat, Exide, Borbet and Kuehne+Naegel.

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(1) Exact starting date might be subject to change due to weather conditions.

(2) The current world record is 8 days and 12 hours set in 2008, held by Matthias Göttenauer and Andreas Renz.

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