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September 09, 2010 05:30 ET

Google Instant Will Dramatically Affect Traffic Behaviour and Influence Keyphrase Ordering, Says Search Agency

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 9, 2010) - The launch of Google Instant is likely to significantly affect traffic to specific keywords, which means that search professionals now have a number of essential new parameters to consider, particularly when considering keyword research, according to PR, Social and SEO agency, Punch Communications.

The new technology, described by Google as a 'Search Enhancement' is likely to result in a number of side affects.

Although the flow of traffic is certain to be affected by this significant launch, some keywords will most likely benefit whilst others will suffer. For example, traffic that would otherwise have reached a keyword will be drawn away from the potential destination as a direct consequence of a suggested new result that would not have been presented in the SERP for the full, intended keyword.

Moreover, the order of words in a multi-word keyphrase will directly influence the information displayed. For a search term such as 'hotels Edinburgh' for example, the user typing in the first word will be met with a number of results for the word 'hotels' which will then revert to the 'full' result for the search when the user finished typing both words. However, in the reverse scenario, a user typing 'Edinburgh' first will be met with a number of results around that term before the addition of the second word qualifies the search and results in the full listing for that term.

Pete Goold, MD of Punch Communications, which has evolved its online PR, search and social media services from the business' roots as a traditional PR agency, commented:

"This technology is sure to have some interesting effects for the search community, particularly with traffic being drawn away from longer tail terms and perhaps also for brand-led keywords. Where a brand has traditionally formed one or more words of a keyphrase, the point at which the brand is inserted will now significantly influence the results shown as the user types.

"Ultimately this is likely to mean that the competition for - and the value of - generic terms is going to continue to increase, whilst traffic originating from brand-led terms may become significantly more attainable and therefore potentially less desirable, as a result."

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