October 10, 2006 09:45 ET

Google Purchase of YouTube for $1.65 Billion Shows Potential Power of Wi-Fi TV Live Internet TV and MyWi-FiParty

Pioneer in Online Live TV, Live Chat and Live Parties Prepares for Global Growth

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 10, 2006 -- Now that Internet search leader Google is snapping up YouTube (a still unprofitable start-up) for $1.65 billion, "brushing aside copyright concerns to seize a starring role in the online video revolution" according to an Associated Press report, Wi-Fi TV Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTVN), the pioneer in live Internet TV and personal phone, chat and audio/video party delivery, believes it has a chance to greatly expand the size of its audience.

Wi-Fi TV Inc. was launched in the mid-1990s and has been publicly traded since November 1997. It has been first on the Internet with several content delivery achievements, including the first full-length movie online in December 2005.

Wi-Fi TV Inc. now owns the only web site in the world ( that not only provides its members with live Internet TV channels, but also free VoIP phone calls, live chat where members can chat with others directly under the video screen regarding shows they are watching at the same time, breaking news stories by country and topic, and an exclusive consumer technology to have private online audio/video parties with up to 25 participants.

"For years, many people felt incorrectly that the Internet would not be a leader in the delivery of video. Now that we all know that is wrong, and that young people love to watch videos over the Internet on computers and portable devices, the biggest barrier for the growth of Wi-Fi TV has been eliminated. There are no guarantees regarding anything, but Wi-Fi TV, which has been in business for ten years and has always believed in the power of video, personal communication and the Internet, will do everything possible to bring our great product to the largest possible global audience. Wi-Fi TV Inc. has a unique Internet lifestyle web site, and it is only going to get bigger and better," said Alex Kanakaris, Chairman of Wi-Fi TV Inc. and author of "Signs of Intelligent Life on the Internet" (

About Wi-Fi TV Inc.

Wi-Fi TV Inc. provides a new generation TV delivery platform that has a geographic sphere out-distancing any traditional cable or over-the-air TV broadcaster.

Wi-Fi TV can be seen over the Internet in the United States, Latin America and globally. 400 channels of live TV programming, Country and Category specific breaking news and free voice over IP phone calls are available at

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Wi-Fi TV is recruiting sales reps for Wi-Fi TV Channel and Subscription sales. Additional information on the Wi-Fi TV Sales opportunity is available at (949) 813-8282, or at the email address

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Wi-Fi TV Inc. has opened a new content and technology demo room for the press in Newport Beach, California. For further information contact Colby Marceau, (949) 716-9397,

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