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February 08, 2010 05:00 ET

Google Releases "Caffeine," SEO Inc.'s Page Speed Accelerator Helps Websites "Go Green"

Google's Recent Release of "Caffeine," a Major Update to Its Search Algorithm, Is Causing a Panic as Many Established Websites Have Quickly Lost Their Top Rankings; Meanwhile Search Engine Optimization Inc.'s New Page Speed Accelerator Helps Websites "Go Green," Satisfying Caffeine

CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2010) - Google's recent update to their search engine has established a new pecking order in search engine results pages. The latest version of Google search has been named "Caffeine," and represents a whole new era where the world's most powerful search engine aims to encourage the web to "Go Green."

Just as the name implies, part of Caffeine's purpose is to increase speed, specifically the amount of time it takes a browser to load and refresh a website among other things. Faster page speed means using less bandwidth and less processing power, reductions that result in greener websites and a greener Internet. While this new algorithm has turned most site rankings on their head, one Southern California company, Search Engine Optimization Incorporated, has managed to stay well ahead of the game.

As one of the first companies to enter the industry of search engine optimization, SEO Inc. has made a significant mark by helping hundreds of companies achieve top rankings in the major search engines. With the addition of their new "Page Speed Accelerator" program, SEO Inc. delivers the perfect cup for Caffeine to be enjoyed.

"We've been lucky to be in a very unique position," said Garry Grant, founder and CEO of SEO Inc. "After spending considerable time in research and development we have just launched our Page Speed Accelerator program, and the results have been incredible! We have reduced the average time it takes to load pages on our website from nearly eight seconds to under 2 seconds. That is the kind of performance Google is looking for with Caffeine."

For additional information on conforming to Caffeine to achieve top search engine rankings in Google, or to find out what the Page Speed Accelerator program can do for your company, contact SEO Inc. at 877-736-0006 or visit

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