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California Milk Processor Board - GOT MILK?

April 19, 2011 12:01 ET


Dr. Jim Sears of THE DOCTORS Promotes Breastfeeding for Infants & Calcium Consumption for Mom and Baby

SAN CLEMENTE, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 19, 2011) - This Mother's Day, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) -- the creator of GOT MILK? -- has joined forces with La Leche League International, whose mission is helping mothers worldwide breastfeed, to promote the health benefits of breastfeeding for the wellbeing of mom and baby. To bring home the message to moms-to-be, GOT MILK? has tapped one of the biggest advocates of breastfeeding, Dr. Jim Sears, a renowned pediatrician and talk show personality, to educate women on why breast milk is the most natural and effective way of satisfying the needs of the baby.

"While nursing is a personal choice, we want to remind women that the best nutrition for baby continues to be breast milk," says Dr. Sears, co-host of the 2010 Emmy Award-winning medical talk show THE DOCTORS. "When women nurse their baby, both receive unparalleled, long-term benefits."

Dr. Sears says breastfeeding helps build antibodies to protect infants from infections and illnesses. Mothers who nurse can also have a decreased risk of certain types of cancers, such as ovarian and breast.

In order for moms to properly nourish their babies, they need to arm themselves with the right nutrition, which includes milk for calcium, adds Sears. Today, most women get 700 mg of calcium per day. Experts say when women become pregnant, they need to increase their daily calcium intake to 1,200-1,500 mg for their health and their babies' wellbeing. The nutrient is especially important to mothers because the baby needs calcium for development and to ward off calcium loss to mothers during pregnancy.

"Milk is one of nature's richest sources of calcium, with one, eight-ounce cup yielding 300 mg," says Steve James, executive director of the CMPB. "And as the child grows and stops nursing, cow's milk is another important, natural source of calcium for kids. Milk provides calcium and many essential nutrients children need for strong bones, muscles, teeth, hair and nails."

Dr. Sears recommends the following tips for moms-to-be to maintain proper health for themselves and for their babies:

  • Don't Rely Solely on Supplements for Calcium - Supplements often contain less than one-third of the recommended daily amount of calcium so milk is still the number one source. Avoid calcium supplements that contain bone meal or dolomite. These products may also contain lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxic substances.
  • Weight Control - For expecting moms, gain a healthy weight during pregnancy. Talk with a doctor before and during pregnancy to decide on how much weight gain is healthy.
  • Fruits & Vegetables- Eat well-balanced meals that include protein-rich foods, fresh fruits, whole grains and dairy. Avoid foods with too much sugar and fat to maintain healthy weight.
  • Vitamin D- Vitamin D helps the body absorb and use calcium. The body naturally produces vitamin D from sunlight, which is another good reason to go out for a walk! Food sources of vitamin D include milk fortified with vitamin D, egg yolks and dark-meat fish such as salmon or herring.
  • Exercise Regularly- Weight-bearing exercise, which can be as simple as walking, can help build strong bones. Talk to a health care provider about exercise options that are safe especially when a mother is expecting.

Earlier this year, the CMPB signed a licensing agreement to give La Leche League International permission to use the slogan "GOT BREASTMILK?"™ in promotional and merchandising material. The tagline will be used in branded items from onesies to buttons, with the CMPB donating 50 percent of their royalties to La Leche League International to be used for resources enabling families to make informed choices about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding has also been a hot topic in Washington DC, recently, with First Lady Michelle Obama encouraging more conversations about the benefits of nursing as part of her "Let's Move" initiative, and the Surgeon General's first Call to Action for Breastfeeding Support. Also, the IRS has ruled that breast pumps and other nursing supplies now qualify for tax breaks.

For more information and resources on breastfeeding, please visit La Leche League International, To learn about the health benefits of milk for families, visit

About Dr. Jim Sears
Dr. Jim Sears, MD, is a board-certified Pediatrician and co-host of the 2010 Emmy Award-winning medical talk show THE DOCTORS. The wildly popular series is syndicated in the United States and 22 countries around the globe. Along with this work on the show, Dr. Jim serves as the Children's Health Specialist for the AOL Medical Advisory Board. He has been featured on's "Ask the Experts," and has written for Prevention, Parenting and BabyTalk magazine, among many others. He is co-author of "The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood" (Little, Brown 2006), "Father's First Steps - Twenty-Five Things Every New Father Should Know," (Harvard Common Press 2006), "The Premature Baby Book" (Little, Brown 2004), "The Baby Sleep Book" (Little, Brown 2006) and the bestselling "The Baby Book" - revised edition (Little, Brown 2003).

About La Leche League International
La Leche League began in the Chicago suburbs in 1956, with seven breastfeeding mothers who wanted to share information about the process and benefits of breastfeeding. Since then, it has grown into the leading breastfeeding advocacy organization in the world, helping mothers and babies in more than 70 countries. La Leche League International is the most trusted source of information and support for nursing mothers. Its classic guide The WomanlyArt of Breastfeeding was the first book of its kind -- for mothers, by mothers -- and is the first breastfeeding book to become a national best-seller. For more information and resources on breastfeeding, please visit La Leche League International,

About the CMPB
The California Milk Processor Board was established in 1993 to make milk more competitive and increase milk consumption in California. Awareness of GOT MILK? is over 90% nationally and it is considered one of the most important and successful campaigns in history. GOT MILK? is a federally registered trademark that has been licensed by the national dairy boards since 1995. The CMPB's Spanish-language campaign began in 1994 using the tagline "Familia, Amor y Leche" (Family, Love and Milk). The TOMA LECHE (Drink Milk) campaign replaced it in 2006, following a growing trend in Hispanic food advertising that uses wit and humor to reach audiences. GOT MILK? gifts and recipes can be viewed at and The CMPB is funded by all California milk processors and administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. To learn about the health benefits of milk for families, visit