July 28, 2009 11:00 ET Aims to Jump Start the Economy Through Advertising

Set to Be the Next Big Thing, the New Site Provides Equal Opportunities in Advertising and Plans to Stimulate Global Finances

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 28, 2009) - The advertising industry is up for a change with the launch of GotAdSpace ( The unique online platform allows the public to participate in advertising -- and make an income while doing so. Advertising for the masses finally means advertising for the masses, as democracy works its way into the industry.

Yes, this is a chance to be part of the vast world of advertising, not as a targeted demographic, but as a provider. Yes, this is a chance to make money. Individuals and businesses around the world can enjoy an extra source of revenue at a time when the economy is a major global concern.

The brainchild of a California-based advertising executive, GotAdSpace works toward the advancement of advertising and effective brand communication. People from all backgrounds, from college students to busy professionals, to stay-at-home moms and corporate tycoons, can be part of this exciting and revolutionary movement.

How does it work? Just as eBay allows individuals to participate in trade, GotAdSpace allows participation in advertising. It offers individuals and businesses a way to act as the bridge that connects products to consumers -- for free. Yes, the site is free for parties who want to inform the public of ad space availability and for advertisers, advertising agencies, and media buyers who want to view the postings and contact sellers for a deal. This convenient and easy-to-use tool allows buyers huge savings that result from purchasing directly from sellers. In turn, sellers make money and secure their commitment to the brands.

Product placement and moneymaking opportunities are definitely available for all -- and they can get rather creative. Musicians can sell ad spaces on CD sleeves and tour buses, commuters on their cars, and restaurateurs in their restaurants. Promotional models can offer street team services, and bartenders can sell ad spaces on their bodies in the form of temporary tattoos (think arms). Real estate agents can offer ad placement opportunities on their monthly newsletters; racecar drivers and politicians can find sponsors. Further, large advertising companies that sell space, in the form of billboards and more, can present their inventory on the site.

The mediums presented on the site include all of the standard formats recognized by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, as well as traditional, non-traditional, and unconventional formats. GotAdSpace highlights new mediums -- things people have not really thought of -- to better communicate a brand's message to a target audience. In doing so, it covers everyone and every possibility.

Extensive research went into the planning of GotAdSpace. High-profile advertising professionals took part in the decision-making and testing processes. The result is a comprehensive site that is friendly to both sellers and buyers. It answers all possible questions of prospective buyers. Sellers do not simply announce the availability of ad space; they also provide vital information concerning the target audience, impression reports, and proof of performance, as well as relevant photos and videos.

GotAdSpace is an anticipated hit that has already garnered media attention across the nation. The buzz is set to go strong and magnify, as further plans are underway. An iPhone application, as well as other fun tools and features, is scheduled for release in the upcoming months.

About GotAdSpace

GotAdSpace is a revolutionary concept in advertising that aims to act as a useful site for everyone, regardless of lifestyle and profession. It takes advertising to the masses like never before, bringing democracy to the highly protected industry and creating moneymaking opportunities for all. Working toward the advancement of advertising and effective brand communication, the site is free to use for sellers and buyers of standard and non-traditional ad spaces. Not only does GotAdSpace provide a source of income for millions of people across the world, but it also saves advertisers money and assists agencies and media buyers. For more information about GotAdSpace, please visit

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