May 10, 2006 07:47 ET Introduces Flirting Game to MySpace Generation

Blackjack Legend, Who Busted Las Vegas Casinos, Turns His Genius to the Flirting Game

BOSTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 10, 2006 -- Responding to the growing dissatisfaction of younger users to the static and boring nature of online dating services, puts the fun, spontaneity, and yes, good old-fashioned flirting, back into dating. Starting today, launches nationwide with a real-time interactive flirting game that creates a whole new set of rules for online dating. For starters, women initiate the game and control the outcome by picking the man who turns her on. The other twist is that men can be invited from MySpace and Facebook networks. has been described as "The Dating Game meets The Bachelorette meets MySpace Generation."

Based on the notion that online dating should mimic real-life, real-time human interaction, lets a registered woman set up her game by posting 10 questions -- which she either creates or selects from the website's bank of prepared questions provided by professional comedians -- to seven men who compete for her attention by answering her questions. In a fast-paced, light-hearted 10-minute exchange of wit, charm, humor, intelligence, and titillation, the woman rates the competing men's answers and chooses the winner. The game ends with the woman giving the lucky male winner her email address for further exchange.

Founder and CEO Semyon Dukach, the blackjack whiz kid who beat Las Vegas at its own game and who was immortalized in Ben Mezrich's bestseller Busting Vegas, offers his perspective. "The dating experience defies logic. It's not about carefully wading through hundreds of profiles as if you're shopping for a new car or a pair of shoes. It's a game not unlike poker, which is fun, fast and spontaneous, and not necessarily fair or politically correct."

The other two founders, Vadim Yasinovsky and Mitch Russo, are successful entrepreneurs and calculated risk takers in their own right. Yasinonvsky is the founder of Clear Software. Russo founded TimeSlips Corp. and then went on to become CEO of FurnitureFan, one of the country's most popular furniture shopping websites. All three men, who happen to be divorced, bemoan their fate using existing online services.

Taking fate into their own hands, the founders designed as a game that reflects their observations on how the sexes behave in real life. Russo comments, "Since women are initially attracted intellectually and men physically, the game clicks instantly for both genders. Men spot a hot-looking woman and want to play in her game. Women judge the men's mental abilities and get the guy who best connects with her mind and imagination. In the end, it's a match based on real personalities, not carefully scripted profiles that are posted on traditional online dating websites."

Yasinovsky adds, "Dating is expensive; flirting is priceless. You gotta live; you gotta laugh; and you definitely gotta flirt."


Headquarterd in Boston, Massachusetts, was founded by three successful entrepreneurs who set out to create the ultimate online flirting game for the MySpace Generation. Breaking away from the static nature of traditional online dating websites, allows men and women to flirt with each other in real-time. To play the game or for more information, go to

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