August 15, 2012 19:16 ET

Gov. Hickenlooper Celebrates Grand Opening of Blockbuster's Worldwide Headquarters in Colorado

Blockbuster Rolls Out the Blue Carpet Treatment at Stores Nationwide

ENGLEWOOD, CO--(Marketwire - Aug 15, 2012) -  DISH (NASDAQ: DISH) -- Gov. John Hickenlooper today joined DISH Network CEO Joseph Clayton and Blockbuster L.L.C. President Michael Kelly in cutting the ribbon at the new worldwide headquarters for Blockbuster, which is bringing more than 150 jobs to Colorado. 

Today's ceremony was held at the new Blockbuster headquarters, with DISH and Blockbuster employees in attendance along with other Colorado dignitaries. The headquarters is on the DISH campus at the Meridian International Office Park in Douglas County, Colo.

Blockbuster plans to bring 150 positions over the next five years to the Denver area.

"Today's announcement demonstrates DISH and Blockbuster's long-term investment in Colorado," said Gov. Hickenlooper. "We are proud Blockbuster will join the more than 150 public companies already headquartered in Colorado. This is further proof that our state's talented, highly-educated workforce and vibrant business climate are attracting jobs to Colorado."

Blockbuster, a subsidiary of DISH Network Corp., is a global provider of movie and game sales and rentals. The company provides customers with convenient access to media entertainment -- whether in-store, by-mail, or digitally to homes and mobile devices. With a highly recognized brand and a growing library of more than 100,000 movies, TV shows and game titles, Blockbuster serves millions of customers around the world annually.

"Since our acquisition of Blockbuster more than a year ago, we've worked hard to reinvigorate a brand synonymous with family entertainment and movies," said Clayton. "We want to thank Gov. Hickenlooper and the Denver South Economic Development Partnership for their support in helping to bring more jobs to the state and enhance Blockbuster's success. By joining us at the DISH campus, Blockbuster can leverage resources and accessibility to DISH's executive team while focusing on innovation."

As Blockbuster celebrates its new headquarters grand opening, Blockbuster is rolling out the blue carpet for customers. Blockbuster stores nationwide have been upgraded to enhance the customer experience with a new Blue Carpet wall featuring the latest movie releases, play zones dedicated to kids' movies and video games, and an advanced DISH in-store kiosk where customers can experience the recently launched Hopper™ Whole-Home HD DVR.

"I'm very excited about the future of Blockbuster as we enter a new age in digital delivery of home entertainment, giving customers the entertainment they want and how they want it, whether in stores, by mail or over digital devices," said Kelly. "As part of the DISH family, we are financially positioned for growth in all business areas while realizing greater efficiencies. We'll continue to celebrate throughout the year with in-store and by-mail promotions that will help Blockbuster rise to the top of consumer choice for home entertainment."

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