Department of Justice Canada

Department of Justice Canada

February 12, 2015 13:56 ET

Government of Canada Provides Funding for Training of Professionals Working With Young Victims of Crime

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Feb. 12, 2015) - Today, Justice Minister Peter MacKay announced funding of $50,000 for the Canadian Child Abuse Association (CCAA) to develop a user-friendly virtual classroom for professionals working with young victims of crime. Minister MacKay was joined at the announcement by Devinder Shory, M.P. for Calgary Northeast.

The funding will be used to build on the current online tools offered by the CCAA to create an easy-to-navigate online classroom that supports both independent and instructor-led training. The classroom will be used to deliver training and certificate programs to police officers, child protection workers, community professionals, and victim service workers who respond to cases of child abuse. It will give responders the opportunity to enhance their skills and abilities in an accessible and affordable way while promoting professionalism in the investigation of child abuse.

Quick Facts

  • The Canadian Child Abuse Association (formerly the Canadian Society for the Investigation of Child Abuse) was formed in 1985 in response to a growing need for a coordinated, professional approach to child abuse investigations. The organization is committed to supporting professionals, communities, victims, and witnesses involved in the investigation of child abuse through:
  • Development and delivery of educational products and services;
  • Promotion of a coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations;
  • Identification and response to key issues and concerns of child abuse investigators;
  • Advocacy for excellence and professionalism in the investigation of child abuse; and
  • Research
  • The funding is being provided through the Department of Justice Canada's Victims Fund. The Victims Fund provides grants and contributions to support projects and activities that:
  • Encourage the development of new approaches;
  • Promote access to justice;
  • Improve the capacity of service providers;
  • Foster the establishment of referral networks; or
  • Increase awareness of services available to victims of crime and their families.


"Our Government is committed to protecting those most vulnerable, our children. Child abuse is a crime that causes unimaginable devastation to the lives of children, families and communities. Those who respond to cases of child abuse, including police investigators and victim services providers, have an incredibly difficult job in helping young victims overcome both physical and emotional trauma. By providing this funding to help the Canadian Child Abuse Association improve the training they offer to professionals, we are helping to ensure that front-line workers are equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to respond more effectively to young victims of crime and help them heal."

Peter MacKay

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

"Being a victim of a crime is traumatizing at any age, but it can be especially devastating for children and youth. It is vital that these young victims are able to access the professional services and care that help them to have a strong voice as they navigate the criminal justice system. The funding being announced today illustrates our Government's commitment to victims of crimes and their families across the country, including right here in Calgary."

Devinder Shory

MP for Calgary Northeast

"As a National Network of Excellence, the Canadian Child Abuse Association focuses on protecting children and supporting professionals, communities, victims and witnesses involved in the investigation of child abuse. With this funding, the Canadian Child Abuse Association will be able to develop a cutting-edge and user-friendly virtual classroom that will remove barriers and enable people all over Canada to access the newest research, resources and training."

Lynn Barry

Founder and Executive Director, the Canadian Child Abuse Association

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Federal Victims Strategy and Victims Fund

The Federal Victims Strategy was created in 2007 and made permanent in 2011. The objective of the Strategy, which is led by the Department of Justice Canada, is to give victims a more effective voice in the criminal justice system. The Department of Justice works in close collaboration with other federal institutions, as well as victims, victim advocates, provincial and territorial governments, service providers, and others involved in the criminal justice system. The Department of Justice develops policy and criminal law reform, funds various programs to meet the needs of victims of crime, explores best practices to address victims' needs, and raises awareness about the concerns of victims of crime and their role in the criminal justice system.

Within the Federal Victims Strategy, the Victims Fund is a grants and contributions program administered by the Department of Justice. Funds are available each year to provinces, territories and non-governmental organizations whose projects, activities and operations support the objectives of the Federal Victims Strategy.

The Victims Fund provides funding to projects and activities that:

  • Enhance victim assistance programs across Canada;
  • Promote access to justice and participation in the justice system and the development of laws, policies, and programs;
  • Promote the implementation of principles, guidelines, and laws designed to address the needs of victims of crime and articulate their role in the criminal justice system;
  • Contribute to increased knowledge and awareness of the impact of victimization, the needs of victims of crime, available services, assistance and programs, and legislation; and
  • Promote, encourage and/or enhance governmental and non-governmental organizations' involvement in the identification of victims' needs and gaps in services, as well as in the development and delivery of programs, services and assistance to victims, including capacity building within non-governmental organizations.

More information is available on the Department of Justice Canada's website.

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