May 28, 2015 12:40 ET

Government of Mexico Achieves Resilient City With Innovative and Effective Early Earthquake Warning System Provided by AtHoc and MDreieck

During April 2015 Earthquake, Immediate Emergency Alerts Outpaced Seismic Waves and Provided Advanced Earthquake Warnings that Protected Millions; No Casualties Reported

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - May 28, 2015) - AtHoc, Inc., the leader in networked crisis communication, today announced that a series of AtHoc systems deployed in Mexico aided the government in warning citizens about an approaching earthquake detected by the Mexican Seismic Alert System, SASMEX®.

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During the April 28, 2015 Oaxaca 5.5 magnitude earthquake, seismic sensors detected the quake and automatically triggered real-time alerts via thousands of SARMEX® device receivers and school public address systems, outpacing the damaging seismic wave and giving up to 44 seconds of advanced preparation time for the region surrounding the epicenter. No injuries were reported following the earthquake. The absence of disastrous headlines demonstrates the best possible outcome for this potentially deadly situation.

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AtHoc and its partner, MDreieck, have united with local and federal agencies in Mexico to develop an emergency communication system that provides early warning in the event of an earthquake and other hazards. The goal is to help protect lives by rapidly notifying residents, particularly children in schools, of an incoming earthquake. "Mexican people live under the constant threat of earthquakes and we are proud to provide them tools that give them greater peace of mind," said Mario Ruiz, General Manager at MDreieck, the company that installs and maintains the SARMEX system. "The advanced connectivity of all the multiple warning system components using AtHoc technology increases safety and quality of our lives in Mexico"

The AtHoc system is capable of delivering secure, rapid mass communications, delivering alerts via voice and text notifications to a wide variety of devices from desktop PCs, smartphones, radios, sirens as well as electronic signs. To both test the system and familiarize citizens with the new alerts a large-scale test of the notification system was conducted in September of 2014 involving more than 10 million citizens, including evacuation of more than 17,000 buildings. "We have developed an effective earthquake detection systems with seismic sensors, but we were struggling to warn the public when an earthquake began," said Juan Manuel Espinosa, Director of the Center of the Instrumentation and Seismic Registry, "AtHoc has given us a critical communications tool to turn that knowledge into lifesaving warnings. I am confident that AtHoc will continue to play an important part in our public safety."

"In an age of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), AtHoc continues to innovate to solve our customers' growing needs," said Efraim Petel, Vice President of Public Safety at AtHoc. "The AtHoc system captured real-time seismic sensor information, made quick decisions and rapidly communicated through hundreds of thousands of devices to reach people and organizations, benefiting millions when every second matters."

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