Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage

November 26, 2010 14:00 ET

Government of Canada Invests in Arts, Culture, and Heritage in Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 26, 2010) - The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, today announced funding for arts, culture, and heritage organizations in Toronto.

"Our Government has a plan for culture. We are putting Canadians' interests first—harnessing the power of the arts and heritage to develop communities and stimulate Canada's knowledge economy," said Minister Moore. "With this important support, we are contributing significantly to the vitality of Toronto and to Canada's rich and diverse heritage."

The Government of Canada has provided funding totalling $32 million. This funding will support more than 40 projects from organizations including the National Ballet School, the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Textile Museum of Canada, and many other noteworthy institutions.

This funding will improve the overall condition of our cultural infrastructure; it will offer increased access to a variety of professional artistic experiences; ensure that museums can provide more opportunities to discover our national heritage; provide even more chances to celebrate regional arts and heritage; and support the cultural revitalization of Canada's Aboriginal peoples and their full participation in Canadian society.

For a full list of organizations receiving funding, see the attached backgrounder.

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Canada Arts Training Fund

The Canada Arts Training Fund supports non-profit organizations that offer training to Canadians aspiring to a national or international professional career in the arts.
Ballet Creole $40,000 (2010–2011)
b current Performing Arts Corp $45,000 (2010–2011)
Canadian Opera Company Ensemble Studio $300,000 (2010–2011)
Centre for Indigenous Theatre $515,000 (2010–2011)
$515,000 (2011–2012)
$515,000 (2012–2013)
COBA (Collective of Black Artists) Inc. $55,000 (2010–2011)
Dancer Transition Resource Centre $625,000 (2010–2011)
Harbourfront Centre's Craft Studio $50,000 (2010–2011)
Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada $30,000 (2010–2011)
$30,000 (2011–2012)
$30,000 (2012–2013)
National Ballet School $6,000,000 (2010–2011)
$6,000,000 (2011–2012)
$6,000,000 (2012–2013)
National Youth Orchestra $800,000 (2010–2011)
$800,000 (2011–2012)
$800,000 (2012–2013)
Native Earth Performing Arts $45,000 (2010–2011)
Nrtyakala – Indian Classical Dance $140,000 (2010–2011)
$140,000 (2011–2012)
Obsidian Theatre Company $60,000 (2010–2011)
Royal Conservatory of Music – Glenn Gould School $1,750,000 (2010–2011)
Sampradaya Dance Academy $120,000 (2010–2011)
School of Toronto Dance Theatre $300,000 (2010–2011)
  TOTAL: $25,705,000
Canada Cultural Investment Fund (Endowment Incentives Component)

The Endowment Incentives component encourages Canadians to donate to professional arts organizations. Last year, the Government of Canada provided 71 cents for every dollar donated by the private sector.
Canadian Opera Foundation - Canadian Opera Company $283,536 (2009–2010)
National Ballet of Canada, Endowment - National Ballet of Canada (The) $1,420,333 (2009–2010)
National Ballet School Foundation - National Ballet School $1,420,333 (2009–2010)
Royal Conservatory of Music Foundation - Royal Conservatory of Music $1,143,298 (2009–2010)
  TOTAL: $4,267,500
Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund seeks to improve physical conditions for artistic creativity and arts presentation or exhibition. It is also designed to increase access for Canadians to performing, visual, and media arts, and to museum collections and heritage displays.
Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall $100,000 (2010–2011)
Harbourfront Corporation (1990) $185,000 (2010–2011)
Native Earth Performing Arts Inc.(NEPA) $49,800 (2010–2011)
Ontario Heritage Trust $900,000(2010–2011)
National Ballet School $350,000 (2010–2011)
  TOTAL: $1,584,800
Canada Arts Presentation Fund

The Canada Arts Presentation Fund gives Canadians increased access to the variety and richness of Canada's culture through professional arts festivals, presentations of live professional performances, and other artistic experiences.
Ashkenaz Foundation $20,000 (2011–2012)
CCMC Music Gallery $50,000 (2011–2012)
Centre francophone de Toronto $10,000 (2011–2012)
$10,000 (2012–2013)
Dance Immersion Ontario $42,000 (2011–2012)
Diaspora Dialogues Charitable Society $20,000 (2011–2012)
FADO Performance Inc. $25,000(2011–2012)
Moonhorse Dance Theatre $13,500 (2011–2012)
Music Africa of Canada Inc. $30,000 (2011–2012)
Music Toronto $80,000 (2011–2012)
Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) $50,000 (2011–2012)
Scream Literary Festival $12,000 (2011–2012)
Toronto Blues Society $20,000 (2011–2012)
$20,000 (2012–2013)
  TOTAL: $402,500
Museums Assistance Program

The Museums Assistance Program provides funding to Canadian museums and related institutions for projects that foster excellence in museum activities and that facilitate access to the treasures of our collective heritage.
Canadian Museum of Carpets and Textiles (The Textile Museum of Canada) $97,940 (2010–2011)
$2,150 (2011–2012)
$3,410 (2012–2013)
  TOTAL: $103,500
Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage

The Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program provides Canadians with more opportunities to take part in activities that present local arts and culture and celebrate local history and heritage.
Association of Artists for a Better World $38,300 (2010–2011)
Central Neighbourhood House Trust $24,900 (2010–2011)
$29,500 (2011–2012)
Dance Ontario Association $12,000 (2010–2011)
Harbourfront Corporation (1990) $14,400 (2010–2011)
Southern Currents Film & Video Collective / Corrientes Del Sur Collective De Cine Y Video $5,600 (2010–2011)
  TOTAL: $124,700
Aboriginal Peoples' Program

The Aboriginal Peoples' Program supports the full participation and cultural revitalization of Aboriginal people in Canadian society.
Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto Inc. $48,300 (2010–2011)
  TOTAL: $48,300

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