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September 15, 2005 13:00 ET

Government of Canada Invests in Innovative Helicopter Engine Technologies

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 15, 2005) - The Honourable Raymond Chan, Minister of State (Multiculturalism), on behalf of the Honourable David L. Emerson, Minister of Industry, today announced a $3.5-million investment to develop new methods for maintaining and repairing helicopter engines and other aircraft components over their life cycle.

This Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) investment is part of a project costing up to $11.7 million being undertaken by Vector Aerospace Corporation through its subsidiary, ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc. (AHGS), to develop its capabilities in helicopter engine testing, repair and overhaul, and in dynamic and hydraulic component rework.

"The continued success of our aerospace and defence sector is fuelled by the development of leading-edge technologies like this," said Minister Emerson. "This investment demonstrates the federal government's commitment to support innovative projects within this vital segment of the Canadian economy."

"The Government of Canada is committed to our aerospace industry right across Canada. This project is a great example of how Richmond and B.C. contribute to our leading-technology industries," added Minister Chan. "From an improved quality of life to better jobs, investments like this ensure a successful modern economy for all Canadians."

The project consists of the research, development and design of the following:

- New tooling, equipment and processes to be used in the
maintenance, repair and overhaul of rotary wing aircraft;

- New repairs utilizing latest repair technologies, techniques and

- Product enhancements to improve part longevity and operational
characteristics utilizing changes in materials, coatings,
disassembly and assembly techniques; and

- New test processes and procedures for rotary wing transmissions
and power plants.

The successful implementation of the activities will enable AHGS to develop more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly repairs to components that will have a direct impact on lowering their customer's direct operating costs.

"This investment by Technology Partnerships Canada will allow us to improve our margins while also providing better service to our customers and establishing a unique technological capability," said Peter Tierney, President of AHGS. "This is crucial to the continued success of Canada's aerospace and defence sector."

Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) is a key instrument for advancing research and development toward commercialization. Working in partnership with innovative companies across Canada, TPC shares in the cost of private sector technology projects in aerospace and defence, in environmental technologies, and in enabling technologies such as information and communications technologies, and biotechnology.

The news release, backgrounder and other documents are available on the Technology Partnerships Canada Web site at


Vector Aerospace Corporation Helicopter Engine Technologies Project

Vector Aerospace Corporation, through its subsidiary ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc. (AHGS), will receive an investment of up to $3.5 million from Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) to develop the company's capabilities in helicopter engine testing, repair and overhaul, and in dynamic and hydraulic component rework.

The project will result in an increase of the company's productivity through faster turnaround times for customers, a reduction of costs to the company and its customers, and the establishment of a technologically advanced capability not present elsewhere in Canada.

This initiative has been broken down into three main areas of work:

- Industrial research and pre-competitive development of new test
processes through new test cell development for helicopter main
transmissions and tail rotor gearboxes. This will allow the
company to develop new test procedures, new test tooling, new
test cell capability, including the use of water dynamometers,
and diesel power generation.

- Industrial research and pre-competitive development of new
repair and overhaul processes for helicopter engines and
components. This work will produce new procedures, tooling and
processes to improve the longevity of parts subject to repair
and overhaul, and will develop and incorporate modular tool and
fixture designs, lean manufacturing techniques, and new
stripping processes, all directed to lower operating costs.

- Industrial research and pre-competitive development of new
rework processes for helicopter dynamic and hydraulic component
parts. This will allow the company to establish new approaches
for the repair and overhaul of these important and complex
helicopter systems, such as robotic applications of coatings,
High Velocity Oxy-Fuel coating techniques, new tool designs and
the use of new structural adhesives for hydraulic components.

Not only does the project contribute to increasing economic growth and developing high-quality jobs and wealth in Canada, it also facilitates the diffusion, transfer and application of new technologies into the country. These new technologies will be used to implement new product lines and develop more economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable repairs.

Vector Aerospace Corporation is an independent provider of aviation repair and overhaul services. Through facilities in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, it provides services to commercial and military customers for various types of gas turbine engines, components and helicopter airframes. It also provides information technology solutions to an international customer base. Principal operations include Atlantic Turbines, Sigma Aerospace, ACROHELIPRO Global Services Inc. (AHGS) and Pathix. The company has approximately 1100 employees.

AHGS supports commercial, military and paramilitary helicopter customers. Its roots go back to 1947, originating in a series of separate helicopter operator and repair companies that were brought together to form AHGS's predecessor company, ACRO Aerospace Inc. The company currently employs 500 at its 158 000-square-foot facility adjacent to the South Terminal at Vancouver International Airport, and has multiple facilities in Canada and the U.S.

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