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Public Works and Government Services Canada

March 23, 2005 15:10 ET

Government On-Line Annual Report Tabled: On-Line Interactions Quadruple Over Three Years



MARCH 23, 2005 - 15:10 ET

Government On-Line Annual Report Tabled: On-Line
Interactions Quadruple Over Three Years

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 23, 2005) - The latest report from
the Government of Canada on the Government On-Line Initiative shows that
on-line interactions with the government quadrupled over three years.
The Honourable Scott Brison, Minister of Public Works and Government
Services, tabled today in Parliament the Annual Report on the Government
On-Line (GOL) Initiative, entitled Government On-Line 2005: From Vision
to Reality ... and Beyond.

"For many Canadians, the Internet is now the preferred method for
dealing with government. Our goal to be known as the government most
connected to its citizens is now making a real impact, with Canadians
increasingly using the services made available to them on-line", said
Minister Brison. "This report is part of our continued commitment to
keep Parliament and Canadians informed about the progress made on this
important file".

Launched in 1999, the GOL Initiative was aimed at meeting the growing
service expectations of our citizens and businesses. The target was to
put on-line the 130 most commonly used services of the federal
government. Today, all of those services are now on-line with various
degrees of completion. They can be accessed through the Government of
Canada's main Web site - the Canada Site ( - which
offers a convenient point of access to a wide range of programs and

Canadians, businesses and international clients already take advantage
of the many benefits from GOL. They now have access anytime, anywhere
and in both official languages to many services on-line allowing them to
find jobs, file their taxes on-line, reserve campgrounds in national
parks, obtain wait times at key border stations and much more. With
almost 600 million interactions by Internet with the Government of
Canada in 2004, compared to 150 million in 2001, on-line transactions
now account for 30% of all transactions.

The GOL Initiative represents the collective efforts of 34 departments
and agencies, the Treasury Board Secretariat and Public Works and
Government Services Canada. The 2005 annual report can be accessed
on-line directly at or through the Canada Site at

PWGSC News Releases are also available on our Internet site at

Highlights - GOL 2005 Annual Report

The Government On-Line 2005 Annual Report entitled From Vision to
Reality ... and Beyond highlights many examples of different levels of
government working together to deliver services to Canadians anytime,
anywhere and in both official languages.

GOL is about using information technology to:

- make government more accessible, and serve all Canadians
(Chapter 1 - Accessibility);
- make on-line service better and more responsive
(Chapter 2 - Better and More Responsive Services);
- build trust and confidence in transacting on-line (Chapter 3 -
Building Confidence and Trust in On-Line Services); and
- lay the foundation for service transformation (Chapter 4 - Building
on Our Successes and Strengthening Results).

Why GOL?

GOL was launched in response to increasing demands by Canadians to
make information and services available on-line while continuing to
provide services through traditional modes.

The Government On-Line (GOL) Initiative is a key component of the
Government of Canada's service strategy, which is guided by two
- organizing services and information around the needs and
expectations of Canadians, businesses and international clients
(client-centred); and
- taking a "whole-of-government" approach to provide access to the
entire range of government services regardless of what channel is
used (telephone, in-person, mail or Web) or which department,
agency, or level of government is responsible for the service.

Changes in 2004

- Improved access to the subject or audience based information via
the three Gateways on the Canada Site (, as well
as enhancements to the Canadians Gateway (Canadians and Residents)
- Addition of a "quick search" feature to the On-Line Forms and
Services section of the Canada Site to help users quickly find the
forms and services they need with a keyword search
- More easily accessible links throughout the site to such key
information pieces as the proactive disclosure program, commissions
of inquiry, Ethics Commissioner and Auditor General reports. This
enhancement was made in support of the Government of Canada's
communications, accountability and transparency objectives

Canadians are among the world's most enthusiastic users of the
Internet. According to a 2004-2005 EKOS survey on Trends in Internet
Usage and Access:
- 78% of Canadians had used the Internet in the past three months.
- 72% of Canadians had Internet access at home.
- Canadian households with high-speed Internet access now outnumber
those with dial-up.
- 44% of Canadians have bought on-line and 43% bank over the
- 64% of Internet users are comfortable submitting personal taxpayer
information over the Internet to the Canada Revenue Agency.
- 71% of Internet users have used a Government of Canada Web site in
the past 12 months; on average, there are 1.2 million visits to the
Canada Site ( every month.
- 31% of Canadians say their most recent contact with the
Government of Canada was via the Internet.
- Users of Government of Canada services on the Internet report an
81% satisfaction rating of these services (either satisfied or
extremely satisfied).
- 77% of Canadians having recent contact with the federal government
said that accessing the Internet service was easy, compared to 67%
across all services.
- 76% of current Internet users believe that the Internet has made it
easier to find information about government programs and services.
- 46% of all Canadians would be most likely to visit a government Web
site to find information about a government program or service,
making it the preferred method overall.
- 90% of Canadian Internet users and 38% of non-users expect to use
the Internet to deal with governments in the future.
- 42% of Canadians expect that they will do most of their
transactions with the Government of Canada over the Internet in the
next five years.


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