February 02, 2011 00:30 ET

GPS, Cameras, and Memory Card Slots: Three Cellphone Features Survey Respondents Are Receptive to Paying for, Says In-Stat

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - February 2, 2011) - All mobile phones have a number of features in common, but manufacturers also try to differentiate their own products by implementing additional functions to make them more attractive to consumers. But not all features are created equal. In fact, some users might even be willing to pay for selected features. A recent In-Stat ( survey identified GPS, digital cameras, and memory card slots as three features that cellphone users are interested in and might pay for when purchasing their next phone.

"In addition to particular features, our survey indicates bar phones with touchscreens continue their dominance in the wireless market as the form factor of choice," says Greg Potter, Research Analyst. "Interest in integration with other devices is also on the rise, with survey respondents indicating they would like to integrate their phone with their car or other devices and to use their phone as a mobile hotspot."


Some of the report data includes:

  • Over 52% of respondents indicated their next phone will have a touchscreen.
  • A physical QWERTY keyboard is still the preferred method for inputting new contacts.
  • Improved indoor cell reception had the highest level of interest for Wi-Fi hotspot use with a phone. 
  • GPS directions and surfing the Internet were cited as something respondents were willing or might be willing to pay for.

The In-Stat research, Future Cellphones: Current User Preferences Drive Future Handset Designs (#IN1004741MCM) identifies and quantifies users' interest in the features and capabilities of their current phones and what they want in their next phone, while tracking the changes in these opinions over time.

The report, with more than 30 tables/figures, also explores a number of other areas including:

  • Current and future cellphone form factors and input preferences
  • Users' interest in specific features and capabilities
  • Emerging technologies that will enable new features and capabilities
  • Market segments that are leading adoption of new features
  • Evaluation of features such as 3D, Camera, GPS, mobile video, pico-projector, touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and VoIP.

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