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May 02, 2006 06:45 ET

GPS Industries Launches Million-Dollar Program

Fire At The Flag™ Guarantees $2,000/Month to Golf Courses

VANCOUVER, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 -- GPS Industries Inc. (GPSI) (OTC BB: GPSN), the leading innovator of Wi-Fi enabled GPS systems for golf facilities, resorts and residential communities, today announced the launch of their innovative Fire At The Flag™ hole-in-one program. This unique patent-pending game of skill gives golfers four different ways to win money and merchandise, including a grand prize jackpot of more than $1,000,000(US).

While conventional hole-in-one prizes are sometimes available at corporate or fundraising golf tournaments, Fire At The Flag™ puts an entirely new and exciting twist on the traditional concept. As GPSI's Director of Special Projects, Rob Silzer, explains: "Fire At The Flag is a comprehensive, turn-key package that makes it easy for any golf course to offer an exciting hole-in-one event seven days a week if they want. And it's a profit center for them!" In fact, the program has tested so positively that GPSI is guaranteeing revenue of at least $2,000 per operating month to each participating golf course.

Just as importantly, recreational golfers everywhere can now experience the thrill of playing for a substantial hole-in-one cash prize during regular rounds. "Golfers just love it!" Silzer says. "During our test cycle we had about 40% of all golfers buy into the program, which proved it was something they enjoy and will pay for. We also proved that Fire At The Flag operates successfully without any adverse effect on pace-of-play."

What makes the program so appealing to golfers and course operators alike are the new, unique elements GPSI has built in to the turn-key package. "First of all we integrated our 10.4 inch full-color display screen into a customized golf bag design that is compact and very attractive on the tee box," Silzer says. "And because it's built on our patented GPS technology, golfers enjoy knowing they have the precise distance measurement to the pin before they take their shot."

To participate in the Fire At The Flag™ program a golfer simply pays a minimal entry fee to an attendant on a selected par 3 hole. (Golfers choose either a $10 fee for a shot at $10,000 cash, or a $20 fee for a shot at $25,000) "Even if a player only lands the ball on the green we still award a prize, so the odds of winning something are really pretty good," says Silzer. "But those who score a hole-in-one will not only win the instant cash prize of $10,000 or $25,000, they will also qualify to play for the progressive million-dollar jackpot."

Silzer explains the 'progressive' nature of the grand prize: "The jackpot total will increase according to the number of Fire At The Flag participants we have through the end of 2006, which means one-million dollars is the very least it will be." Based on the company's projections, the jackpot will accumulate to more than $1.4-million this year, all of which will be up for grabs at the Grand Prize Shootout in January 2007.

Fire At The Flag is being offered to golf courses worldwide through GPSI's global sales team. Golf facilities interested in learning more about this new Promotional program may contact Rob Silzer, GPSI's Director of Special Projects: 604-576-7442 or

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