Amfeltec Corporation

Amfeltec Corporation

August 06, 2014 09:00 ET

GPU-Oriented PCIe Expansion Cluster from Amfeltec is in Production

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 6, 2014) - Amfeltec Corporation, a leading provider of complex and innovative solutions for the world's diverse electronics markets, announced today that the PCI Express (PCIe) Cluster dedicated to multi-GPU system expansion is now in full production.

The user can connect up to four GPUs per cluster, and up to four clusters per motherboard PCIe slot (to a maximum of 16 Graphics Processing Units). Compatible with any PCIe GPU on today's market, the cluster design provides natural ventilation and space optimization.

The GPU Cluster idea was born as a result of two concept products by Amfeltec: GPU-Oriented Splitters and PCIe Expansion Backplanes. "Many cryptographers, cryptocurrency miners and 3D renderers approached us with the same complaints: GPUs overheat easily in traditional-design rigs, and mounting them differently is a real challenge - especially GPUs occupying two or more PCIe slots," says Michael Feldman, President and CTO of Amfeltec. "These users need a solid way to mount a large number of GPUs on one computer, period. All these problems are addressed with this original solution."

The GPU Expansion Cluster consists of a specially designed custom chassis; a host board for the motherboard connection; and cables that allow the unit to be placed up to 10 feet (3 meters) away from the motherboard. The heart of the cluster is a unique backplane (US patent pending), which is designed to arrange the four GPU boards in an original fashion. This is further supported by the open-concept chassis design: Graphics Processing Units are placed back-to- back (apart from each other), eliminating the possibility of airflow obstruction; there is no risk of a GPU overheating due to close proximity to another one. Natural, low-cost ventilation may be used. Furthermore, this keeps the cluster cost-effective.

Another key money-saver is the centralization principle: the user can connect many Graphics Processing Units to just one computer; therefore, software licenses and computer equipment are limited to that host computer only.

The following host board versions are available: single-cluster host board (x1 PCIe); dual-cluster host board (x1 PCIe); and quad-cluster host board (x4 PCIe). This means a customer can purchase a quad-cluster host board, and buy the clusters one at a time; eventually, there can be 16 GPUs on one host board. Multiple clusters can be physically bolted together. The single- cluster host board version is also available in MiniPCIe and ExpressCard® form factors.

About Amfeltec Corporation:

Amfeltec is a Canadian company, incorporated since 2005. It is a leading provider of complex and innovative solutions for the world's diverse markets that include telecom and electronics sectors. Most of Amfeltec's products are covered by one or more United States patents.

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