SOURCE: Gracion Software LLC

January 16, 2008 01:00 ET

Gracion Enclose Software Launched -- Email Attachment Problems Plummet

ASHLAND, OR--(Marketwire - January 16, 2008) - Gracion Enclose, an amazingly easy-to-use Macintosh application for sending documents and media to anyone, was released this week by Gracion Software LLC. Dragging any size file to Enclose will automatically upload the file and create an email containing a URL link to the file. Email recipients simply click the link to receive the file, without the aggravation of installing special software or visiting web sites. Because the file is not part of the email, there is no limitation on its size.

Gracion Enclose is a free public beta download for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 (PowerPC/Intel Universal). Pricing and commercial release date will be announced.

"This program removes the email bottleneck for anyone who needs to send large files: graphic artists, video producers, photographers, information workers, telecommuters... is there anyone who DOESN'T need to send large files?" asks Gracion Software President Paul Collins.

"Our clients struggle with FTP and email limitations. This product addresses all of that with a simple technically elegant solution. Enclose delivers what we expect of great Mac software," says Jim Teece, President and CEO of Project A.

"When I needed to send my huge database across the country, Enclose just worked with my .Mac account, and I didn't have to configure anything." -- Dr. Yvonne Fried, M.D.

Gracion Enclose works with most Internet servers to upload and deliver files. When used with Apple's .Mac service, Enclose configures itself. Or, use web servers via FTP, WebDAV, SMB, or AFP. It frees users from navigating server directories or assembling files or complex URLs.

Gracion Enclose is designed-in-depth for power and ease of use. It auto-imports email settings, knows .Mac and Gmail servers, and heuristically determines URLs. Features include draggable URLs for iChat instant messaging, automatic file management on the server, auto-zip file packaging, QuickTime flattening, and searchable message archiving. Enclose uses leading Mac OS X technologies including iChat Presence, and Quick Look.

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Gracion Software LLC, in Ashland, Oregon, USA, makes Macintosh Internet and security applications, such as Gracion Enclose and DigiTunnel VPN. Founded in 1991, Gracion also provides software engineering to Open Door Networks, Inc. for products such as the DoorStop X Security Suite.

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