October 15, 2014 13:30 ET

GradeSlam Launches Online Tutoring, Expects to Help 500 000 Students this Year

GradeSlam's New Features Include Recommended Matches, 24/7 Online Tutoring & 100s of Tutorial Videos

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Oct. 15, 2014) - GradeSlam, a Montreal based online tutoring service, today announced the introduction of several major additions to its online platform. Most notably, GradeSlam now allows students to get academic support 24/7 through its Online Tutoring Classroom, along with access to 100s of free tutorial videos created by their tutors.

Launched in April 2014, became the first tutoring service that allows students and parents to sample tutors by watching tutorials prepared by the tutor. The new features GradeSlam has launched today build off its success of providing this "test drive" ability. New features include:

• 24/7 Online Tutoring with no download required.

• Recommended matches based on the student's learning style and the tutor's teaching style.

• Free access to 100s of tutorial videos

• Access to affordable tutors for students everywhere

"When we set out to create this platform, we had an end goal of providing students everywhere with personalized access to top educators, eliminating traditional limitations such as location, income level or even time of day," said Philip Cutler, President & CEO of GradeSlam. "Making a safe, secure and easy to use service that parents, students and tutors can trust changes the way tutoring takes place. By using our matching algorithm and sampling the tutor before booking, families are confident that their money is being effectively spent."

As part of the new features, GradeSlam vets each tutor, interviewing and certifying them before they are able to tutor students. Tutors must display mentorship capabilities, subject area mastery and the ability to teach the material. In their new marketplace model, online rates range from $10-$30/hour, while the traditional offline (in-home), which is still available, usually costs between $20-$50/hour.

"Post-secondary requirements are higher than they have ever been, and competition to get into top programs is extremely tough," said Cutler. "With online tutoring and free tutorial videos, we are able to help students everywhere, all the time. We want to give students every edge to make sure they reach their potential and succeed both inside and outside the classroom. These new features bring us closer to achieving this."

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GradeSlam is a web-based tutoring service that matches students' learning styles with tutors' teaching styles. By providing both online and offline tutoring, students everywhere have access to the type of tutors that work best for their learning style. GradeSlam is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.


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