October 13, 2010 05:41 ET

Graduates May Be Wise to Extend Their Gap Year Travels, Say Round the World Experts

SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 13, 2010) - Travel company Round the World Experts, who specialise in world flights and far flung holidays, endorses the option of earning whilst travelling as a response to the competitive job market.

According to research* up to 270 graduates are now competing for the same job. The job market is a competitive field that has devalued the worth of the degree as a sure fire way onto the career ladder.

The current economic climate remains uncertain and windows of opportunity unfortunately appear to be more elusive than ever. Despite intimations of an improving economy, University leavers in 2010 appear to have found themselves graduating at a time when the number of applicants aiming for the same job has never been higher.

In response, many graduates are flocking back to the safety of education and extending their time as students, to hibernate in academia until the situation improves. Another tempting option for many appears to be picking up a round the world trip ticket and travelling. 

According to research by The Guardian newspaper, there has been a 14% rise in applications for working visas through 2010, which would indicate that more students are considering travelling and working abroad this year, to escape the gloom of domestic unemployment.

A spokesperson from the travel company Round the World Experts said "The job market is particularly tricky for young graduates right now. It would make sense to turn attentions and plans further afield, either by working abroad or travelling until the dip subsides. One of the positives of this situation is that there are plenty of great travel deals appearing across the internet, corresponding to financial restraints, so booking an epic or exotic journey won't require the heavy spending that it might have before."

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* Study by High Fliers Research looking at the 100 firms rated by graduates as the top employers in the country

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