July 31, 2009 06:00 ET

Gran Canaria and Corfu and Crete: European Holiday Destinations

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 31, 2009) - Holidays in Gran Canaria offer a wide variety of activities. Lazy days on the beach, wild beach parties at night, or secluded romantic getaways; there is something for everyone. Gran Canaria offers an amazing and diverse coast line with steep craggy mountains and gorgeous sandy beaches that seem to go on forever. The pace of life in Gran Canaria is relaxed, easy going, and seems to say slow down and enjoy life. Even in the busy cities the inhabitants take life at a leisurely pace and encourage guests to do the same. On some of the smaller outlying islands, time seems to have stood still, with many traditional practices still commonplace.

Cheap holiday in Corfu provides holiday goers with a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, and a multitude of activities, from the family friendly to the wilder parties. A holiday in Corfu is hard not to enjoy. The small size of the country means everything is close by and the air of mystery that surrounds the coastal resorts creates an atmosphere of relaxation and excitement. There are several cheap holiday package deals for Corfu available. Last minute holidays and all-inclusive holiday packages mean there is a perfect deal for every traveller from the very young, to families, to older adults seeking a bit of adventure.

Crete is quickly becoming a favourite holiday destination. This compact and densely populated Mediterranean island is home to a wide variety of activities for every traveller. With over 7000 years of history, there are many amazing cultural and historical sites to see along with several must-see monuments, museums and churches. For the golf lover, holidays in Crete offers a small number of different golf courses to enjoy. The capital city of Valletta offers some amazing architecture and a multitude of restaurants and cafes to sample local foods. Holidays in Crete offer an amazing array of culture, history, sun surf, sand and nightlife for even the most discriminating travellers.

Holidays in Malta provide a wealth of sun and water sports also. The well-placed beach resorts offer an air of seclusion on the crowded island. A wide variety of water sports on the stunning beaches of Malta are available to travellers as well. Everything from scuba to surfing, to simply relaxing in one of the secluded bays or sandy beaches makes Malta an ideal holiday destination for travellers. Booming in popularity with last minute travellers, there are many affordable holiday package deals available from - not to mention all the travel accessories you could possibly need or want.

Whether taking holiday in Corfu, Crete, Gran Canaria or Malta travellers are sure to find a warm, welcoming atmosphere and plenty of activities to enjoy. Holiday package deals make travelling to Portugal or Malta affordable, pleasurable, and worry free. Every traveller, from the single person, to large families, the very young to the older person, will find Portugal and Malta a wonderful respite from everyday life, and a holiday to remember. The diverse geography of Portugal and Malta create a unique variety of things to do for everyone. From the lazy beach holiday to a more active golf and scuba outing, Malta and Portugal are the perfect holiday solution.

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