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November 12, 2008 16:40 ET

Grand Opening of Purio's Direct Water Distribution Division Scheduled for November 15, 2008

BLAINE, WA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2008) - Purio, Inc. (OTCBB: PURO) is pleased to report that it is in the final stages of setting up its first commercial outlet in Southern California. The mandate of the division DBA UltraSafe Water Source™ is to serve the growing number of business offices that wish to eliminate bottled water, aim to cut costs, eliminate the 5-gallon bottles from their operations, and do so with nothing to buy.

Daryl English, President of Purio, says, "North America is in the infancy of a major paradigm shift in the way business offices supply purified drinking water to their staffs and clients. We see it as a major up-coming trend and we see ourselves in a great position to profit from it. Businesses are motivated in many ways to take action and upgrade their office water service from bottle-style dispensers to modern point-of-use (POU) water purifiers and totally do away with bottled water delivery. The first motivation is cost cutting and we can often cut the monthly water budget by over 25%. Second is the convenience factor; by eliminating the plastic 5-gallon bottles, offices free up precious floor and storage space, and eliminate the risk of employee injury caused by the lifting of the 45 pound back-breakers. Our POU purifiers not only offer a fresher tasting, better quality water, compared to bottles because it's not stored in plastic for weeks before consumption, but they also offer a greater production capacity so that businesses never more worry about running out of purified water. Couple that with the environmental care factor, whereby business can update their water service from the energy hungry, labor intensive and carbon producing delivery system of old fashioned bottles, and we are of the opinion that we are on the leading edge of a business boom."

Mr. English cited cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Vancouver, British Columbia as examples of municipalities that have banned the use of bottled water in their facilities due to concerns over its affect on the environment as well as concerns about possible health risks recently revealed from studies of chemicals leaching from water bottles into the drinking water.

"These municipalities and private corporations taking similar action are searching for the alternative service," Mr. English continues. "Others may not be aware of improvements that they could make to there operations and that's where we come in; our equipment, sourced right here in the USA totally eliminates the need for bottles by producing purified water right on the spot and on demand. On every factor considered; economy, convenience, water freshness, reliable supply and environmental care, we can offer our clients a significant improvement over the old system."

"Most of our setting up is done, with warehouse and office space secured, inventory in stock and paid for," Mr. English elaborates. "Our website, which is a work-in-progress is live at and in the up-coming weeks we will be fine-tuning our marketing strategy to grow our business."

Earl Switenky, spokesman for Purio Inc. and co-founder of UltraSafe Water Source, Canada, adds, "We have eight years of history and experience in this particular industry. Although economic times are changing, we are taking this initiative to develop an immediate cash flow for our company. We see the distribution of the new product line as synergistic with the commercialization of our patented water clarification technology in that it adds a point of use technology for the consumer. The fact that we are distributing the new product separate from the patented technology simply allows us to accelerate our cash flow potential. Every indication of the size of this future trend is nearly staggering and we are determined to address it. We are not only doing it for our company, but we're also doing it for the benefit of our business clients so together we may all do it for the better care of our beloved planet."

About Purio Inc.

Purio owns proprietary water clarification technology suitable to a broad number of applications including the clarification of surface water, industrial process water and sewage. Purio intends to apply its technology initially to industrial and commercial applications to reclaim water and reduce the need for fresh water in such applications. Purio further intends to use its proprietary technology to produce potable water for commercial and residential use. Purio will commercialize its technology via a number of channels, namely licensing strategic partners to build and sell &/or operate units outside of North America, outright sale of their second generation (patent pending) units to end users and will build, own and operate on a fee for service basis their larger permanent installation units in North America.


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