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June 19, 2008 15:07 ET

Grandma Leeth's Restaurant Says Raise Your Expectations

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - June 19, 2008) - Last July, Sharon Richardson began a unique, uncontested concept in entertainment and casual dining tailored to young children and their parents. A hybrid between a restaurant and a childcare facility, Grandma Leeth's elevated the dining experience for families by serving World Comfort Food alongside Northwest wine, beer and coffee -- and the ground-breaking option of having children, 2 to 9, supervised, entertained and well-fed, while their caregivers dine and take a break.

Although never intending to call Grandma Leeth's a restaurant -- and instead calling it "The Parent and Child Retreat" -- Richardson has come full circle. She recognized that if new customer groups emerge and they are ready to help you realize your niche, you must pay attention.

Today, Grandma Leeth's is also making a business of taking care of the overlooked diner -- whose special dietary requirements or wants are often overlooked in the restaurant industry. It turns out that because of the restaurant's unique approach to food and the commercial kitchen, diners who want the care, choices and comfort of a home kitchen find it appealing.

"What's evolved at Grandma Leeth's is a home-kitchen concept that lets diners savor the smell and taste of great food in an environment that's stress-free, causal and genuine," said Richardson, founder of Grandma Leeth's. "With our Raise Your Expectations campaign, we want to attract more of those diners who have been largely overlooked by the restaurant trade, and let them know we can meet their needs."

The concept is working. Transcending children and their parents, Grandma Leeth's diners are a diverse set of people united by their lack of real choice on most restaurant menus. Because their needs are being largely unmet by the restaurant industry, they have been finding it easier to eat at home:

--  They are people who are tired of placing a "special" order and have a
    diet restricted by necessity or by choice.  Grandma Leeth's has icons on
    its menu for choices that are spicy, gluten-free, or vegan.
--  They are parents of young children who want healthful, great-tasting
    food and service that welcomes their young child.  Grandma Leeth's
    professional staff supervises children 2 to 9, while parents dine and
    reconnect with friends or each other.
--  They are young children who want a creatively presented menu in small,
    palatable portions.  Grandma Leeth's has an extensive children's menu, and
    most children do a fantastic job not noticing that there is no fried food
    and no carbonated beverages.
--  They are people wanting to know details about their food and who want
    to eat healthier.  Grandma Leeth's cuts the fat, sugar, salt and
    cholesterol whenever it can without compromising taste.  Prepared mostly on-
    site and from scratch;  authentic curries, smoked salmon and pork, bread,
    quiches, desserts, salad dressings, pasta sauces, and a long list of
    appetizers are inspired by home kitchens across about a dozen countries.

Raising Expectations and Social Responsibility

Following its participation in fundraisers including Mercy Corp's Dine for Darfur, and others at the school and community level, Grandma Leeth's Restaurant is taking on more social responsibility: Its "Raise Your Expectations" campaign launches with a much-needed fundraiser on July 23, 2008, for children with developmental disabilities. Fifteen percent of Grandma Leeth's proceeds that day will go directly to families needing respite care via a donation to the Arc of Multnomah-Clackamas,

Grandma Leeth's is asking restaurants and other businesses in the Portland TriMet area to join them in contributing to this important cause at any level of giving, including in-kind donations. Co-promotion and marketing materials will be distributed on a first-come basis and can be guaranteed to businesses electing to participate prior to July 4. Interested business owners or managers should contact Sharon Richardson at

About Grandma Leeth's Restaurant:

Founded by Portland-area residents, Sharon and Clent Richardson, Grandma Leeth's Restaurant opened its doors in July 2007. Grandma Leeth's offers World Comfort Food with the care, choices, and comfort of a home kitchen; Northwest wine, beer and coffee; and unparalleled supervision for children, 2 to 9, while their caregivers dine. Grandma Leeth's is located at 10122 SW Park Way, Portland, OR 97225 (at the intersection of Highway 26 and 217, and a short walk from the Sunset max stop, off the red and blue lines). For more information, please call (503) 291-7800 or visit

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